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Twenty Things About Christina Katz (AKA The Writer Mama):

1. Writer Mama lives in Oregon, in a beautiful, fertile valley and wishes she had more time to garden. Previously, she’s lived in MA, NH, IL, NM, CO, WA and for a short time in Bloise, France.

2. Writer Mama is married to Drama Guy, a high school theater teacher/director and a talented writer/actor/director.

3. Writer Mama’s world gravitates around Samantha Rose (The Poochie), who is, in her totally unbiased opinon, the most delightful poochie on the planet.

Katz Family November 20064. The Katz Menagerie, as Writer Mama thinks of her household, includes three cats (Mercury, Buddha, and Devo), two puppies (Daisy and Izzy or “Dizzy” together), and three fish (Raymond, Deborah, and Robert).

5. Writer Mama’s mama is Super-Mom, the greatest cook to ever live, keeper of a very orderly hearth in New Hampshire, and a former librarian.

6. Writer Mama’s dad is Tommy Tourguide, a former college fundraiser/corporate manager, who loves to trot the globe with Super-Mom.

Puppies sleeping7. Writer Mama’s older brother is Blues Guy, a professional musician who lives with his wife and two sons in rural Virginia.

8. Writer Mama’s younger brother is Tech-y Boy, who lives in New Hampshire where he designs logos.

9. Writer Mama shares the same tattoo design with five of her college rugby friends who are spread out across the U.S. (two lawyer mamas, one S.A.H.M. of four, one S.A.H.M./part-time pilates instructor, and an organic community-supported-agriculture mama).

10. Writer Mama keeps in touch with another S.A.H.M. who was her best friend in high school, Travel Lovin’ Mom, even though they live on opposite coasts.

11. One of Writer Mama’s early influences was Mompreneur Before-Her-Time, a single mom who lived up the street when she was growing up on Bittersweet Lane (yes, that’s the real name). M.B.H.T. raised four sweet sons, whom Writer Mama used to babysit and housekeep for (though it’s hard to tell when looking at her housekeeping today).

12. The person Writer Mama misses the most is Storytellin’ Granny, who helped her get hooked on the spinning of a good tale.

13. Writer Mama had a very spendy education, and feels blessed for it, but she finds that when it comes to learning, nothing beats a short, inexpensive class with someone who knows.

Broadway Books hosts The Writer Mama14. Writer Mama has a terrific support network that allows her to get stuff done and to never feel alone even though she works from home. She wishes the same for every Writer Mama.

15. Writer Mama is a Mac-lovin’ Apple computer geek, although it’s taken her a long time to admit it. She loves the infinite blank slate of the Internet and isn’t afraid to use it.

16. One of Writer Mama’s favorite pleasures in life is sitting next to a window with a pad of paper in her lap and a pen in her hand. A cup of coffee or tea doesn’t hurt either.

samgroucho.gif17. Other fav pastimes include snuggling with Drama Guy and Poochie, taking family walks, collaging her journal covers, and decorating with lots of color but not much finesse. Writer Mama does not entertain because she doesn’t have the time nor the inclination to deep-clean her carpets.

18. The trees of New Hampshire were an important early influences on Writer Mama. She spent some of her childhood living as though in a Robert Frost poem and still loves trees just for being trees. Especially Redwood, Birch and Aspen.

19. Writer Mama is a member of the human race. Otherwise, she prefers to remain pretty much unaffiliated. Although she joins and recommends joining writing organizations that help Writer Mamas reach their goals.

My forthcoming book!20. The current draft of Writer Mama’s life is in-progress, utterly imperfect, and otherwise pretty satisfying. WM believes it is never too late to make a comeback.

Writer Mama would love to read 20 things about you. Kindly direct her in your comments.

To learn about Christina’s upcoming writing e-classes, please go to Writers on the Rise.


4 Responses to “20 Things”

  1. 1 Writing Contest May 9, 2007 at 5:18 pm

    One of your other web pages, names Dartmouth as part of your spendy education. What class? I’m class of 84 but you look younger than that.

  2. 2 zellmer August 4, 2007 at 12:09 pm

    Hi there. I’m taking your class this summer. In the meantime, check me out on my blog. Looking forward to getting to know you better.

  3. 3 jenoa October 25, 2007 at 2:47 pm

    Love your site. I have a writer mama blog, too. So do some of my favorite other mamas. Is your blogroll open to more mama writer blogs like ours?


  4. 4 Sandy July 8, 2009 at 7:18 am

    Hi – I just found you via Twitter. I am not a writer (yet?). I love this post. I just want to suggest that even though you don’t want to deep clean your carpets, you should entertain anyway. I can’t remember who said it, but “The ones who matter don’t care, and the ones who care don’t matter”. I have finally figured this out, and I entertain and have a wonderful time with my friends in my home at my level of “deep cleaning”.

    OK, I Googled the quote and here it is –

    “Be Who You Are and Say What You Feel Because
    Those Who Mind Don’t Matter
    and Those Who Matter Don’t Mind.”
    — Dr. Seuss



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