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Stop The Gerbil Wheel!

Or I’m going to just jump off.

Finished a feature-length home profile for Country Sampler this morning. Worked the better part of the weekend.

It makes me grumpy just to type that b/c I’m not supposed to work over the weekend. But I got more waylaid than I expected by my trip to New York (which is already a week in the past—how can that be?).

Someone wrote about time moving faster in a blog entry I clicked by earlier today and that sounds accurate to me. At least that’s how the past three months have felt since my book came out.

I put a tremendous amount of energy out into the world…a beautiful first book. I’m still very proud of it. Actually, I’m probably more proud of it than before. But now I need to rest and take some family time.

I’m not quite there yet but I’m getting there. Finishing the feature was a big step closer. Playing catch-up on paperwork will be another. Getting on top of my zines and wrapping up my classes and then…I am actually allowed to take a vacation.

What I mean is, I am actually going to allow myself to take a vacation.

That’s sounds wonderful and terrifying at the same time.

My last day of “work” (in June) will be the 21st. And then I’m taking the rest of the month totally off.

Totally off! Now I like the sound of that.

I think we’ll go to Crater Lake…the Oregon shore…maybe hit Ashland.

Hopefully my computer won’t explode between now and then. It is totally utterly full.

56 Gigabytes??? How did I create that much stuff? I have definitely been busy.

Almost time to empty out…


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