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Writer Mama is a “Rockin’ Girl Blogger”

Rockin’ Girl BloggerTiffani Hill Patterson chose me as a Rockin’ Girl Blogger! Thanks, Tiffani.

So, though I am new to these meme-types of things, I believe I am supposed to name five others of my choosing. Right? Am I doing this right? Maybe three? I’m not sure. I’ve got five, so here goes:

1. Sage Cohen rocks because she is really deep and her entries help me slow down and appreciate the beauty of life and words. Her blog is Sage Said So.

2. Abby Green rocks because she makes me laugh about motherhoood. Like check out today, “Where I really want to live is in the Pottery Barn catalog.” That’s hilarious. Her blog is Diary of a New Mom.

3. Kristin O’Keeffe rocks on the other side of the globe writing in lively style about being a traveling spouse in Shanghai. Great photos too. Her blog is Shanghai Adventures of a Trailing Spouse.

4. Hope Clark rocks in her new blog that offers a market or grant a day. A great one for writer mamas! Her blog is C. Hope Clark.

5. Another one of my favorites is Ali Edward’s blog, where she shares about being a Life Artist. Isn’t that a great concept? Great photos too. Hers is Ali Edwards Design.

Okay, ladies. You are it. Rock on!

Hopefully you will respond a bit more quickly than I usually do to memes. I’m thinking I’ll be all caught up on past tags by the end of summer.

And I’ll try to respond a little faster from here on out, because—hey, these are fun!


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