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Two Writing Classes Begin August 15th

Back-to-school time is coming What actions will take your career to the next level, when the kids head back to school (if you’re so lucky)?

I will be working with writers for six weeks starting August 15th and October 3rd.

Here are the classes I’m currently offering:

Writing and Publishing the Short Stuff (Starts in August—almost full and October!)

Pitching Practice: Write Six Queries in Six Weeks (August15th)

Platform Building Basics for Writers (October 3rd)

All the details can be found on the Writers on the Rise website. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.


Writer Mama Sells Like Hotcakes at the Pacific Northwest Writers Association Conference

Yes, it’s true! Barnes and Noble sold out of copies of Writer Mama at the PNWA Conference this weekend. Only three copies remained for the post-dinner author signing. I would like to always have such problems. 🙂

My presentation, Chutes and Ladders, Healthy Habits of Productive Writers went well too. I felt relaxed and focused (despite the full moon messing with my sleep) and participants were attentive and participated. I always enjoy bumping into people in the halls during the rest of the conference.

So, I’m really happy (and tired) this Monday morning.

The irony of traveling to writing conferences is that they typically happen on the weekend. Then you are back in the saddle on Monday morning, usually feeling elated by all you’ve learned, all the folks you’ve met, and all the excitement.

But at the same time like you’ve been run over by a truck from all the same.

Speaking of trucks. I took a rental car up to Seattle because we own one car. The rental company ran out of cars before I got there. So instead of driving a nice little compact car like I got last time, they gave me a giant boat-of-car. I could have fit an entire circus troupe in this thing. It was like steering a boat on the highway!

My biggest challenge was staying between the lines and making sure that no one hit, scratched, or otherwise marred the pristine black paint job over the course of forty-eight hours.

Seriously, it was a bit stressful. But no one did. Thank goodness.

More about what I came home to in the next post. I have mucho action-steps to take this morning. And I’m sure you do too. Especially if you attended the conference. Time to put all that good advice to work!

I’ll also post some photos soon…

Have a great Monday, everyone!

Celebrating 15,000 Visitors in the Next 24 Hours


Go team writer mamas!

That’s since January 2007.

(Although maybe January shouldn’t count because I didn’t know what the heck I was doing.)

Some writers think they can’t “afford” to blog.

But I’m a convert. I say, you can’t afford NOT to blog.

All in favor, say Aye!

Okay…Eight Random Things About Me

I was tagged by Denise over at Freelancing Journey to reveal 8 Random Things about me. They are mostly from the past for some reason..apparently I cannot see my own current random-ness. 🙂

1. I have a tattoo on my left hip from my college rugby days

2. My friends and I were “trendsetters” b/c lots of other ruggers went on to get similar tattoos (maybe they still do!)

3. I guess, being a 5’2″ rugby player is probably still considered pretty random

4. I have lived all over the country except in the South (New England, Midwest, Southwest, Pacific Northwest..also France, briefly)

5. I met my husband at a writing workshop in a town of less than five thousand at an altitude of over six thousand at the foot of one of the tallest Rocky Mountains
6. The instructor of that workshop was Wendy Burt (who writes the “Ask Wendy” column for Writer’s on the Rise)

7. In college, a dear friend of mine and I would actually refer to each other as “Stinky” and “Stanky” (Now that’s embarrassing.)

8. I am currently thinking about getting a Writer Mama tattoo. I imagine if anyone wants to egg me on, it won’t take much. I have some kind of (crazy) romantic idea that I will tattoo myself with every book I ever write.

Okay, here are my eight picks:

Ali @ Ali Edwards Design

Bev @ Elemental Musings

Jenna @ Hot Diggity

Sharon @ Plugged In Parent

Moving Mama @ Moving Mama

Maribeth @ Moments and Memories

Tiffani @ Rock N’ Writer

Kim @ Kim & Jason (Kim’s blog)

Julianne @ Another Gray Hair

Okay, ladies. Reveal your random-ness!

The things I’ll carry…to the PNWA Conference

The delivery truck just arrived with my new biz cards for the PNWA Conference. Yahoo! Three cheers for Vista Print!

Christina Katz business card

Here’s a list of all the things I carry so that I can be prepared at a conference or event:

  1. biz cards
  2. Writer Mama cover blow up
  3. WM post cards
  4. a updated one-page flyer of upcoming WM events
  5. a sign-up clipboard for both of my e-zines

And when I’m presenting, I add:

  1. my trusty iBook with video cable and remote control (to change slides)
  2. My Powerpoint presentation
  3. interactive handouts for attendees (I like them to get something out of it for them)

And for this presentation, CHUTES AND LADDERS, I also need:

  1. an extra easel to display the game board
  2. the game board
  3. sticky squares to get the board to stand up
  4. a sample handout (a handout with SAMPLE written across the top)

For signings, I need:

  1. a couple of fine-point SHARPIES
  2. extra books for if/when supplies run out
  3. a smile
  4. food in my tummy (I’m hypoglycemic so I carry almonds)

Okay, this is a fairly unique situation. I’ve never needed to bring this much with me before. But hopefully, it gives you an idea.

So much for traveling light!

Random writer mama thoughts on a Monday night…

Samantha is out on the porch singing “Baltimore” from the soundtrack Hairspray. We saw it on Friday night and enjoyed it, even though Samantha wasn’t charmed at first, and thought we could just walk out, like at the free kiddie movies they show in the summer. We persuaded her to stay by letting her sit on our laps and now look, she’s like a regular Tracy Turnblat.

Jason is over at the high school watching Aida, the summer school production. Fortunately, for us, he gets the summers off from directing. Thank goodness.

I worked on book proposal number two today. I find it very frustrating to not be able to let the cats, either of them, out of their respective bags. I feel like every time I write in this blog, I have to be very, very careful not to “tip my hand.” But that’s just motivation to get them done and distributed so good things can happen.

Not traveling this summer was a very good decision. We get valuable regrouping time. Much deserved and needed. Everyone should get a summer vacation, including grown-ups.

I’ll be at the Pacific Northwest Writer’s Conference this Saturday. I’ll get to see Writer Mama agent Rita Rosenkranz and fellow agent-buddy Jeff Ayers. I’ll also get to catch up with novelist Jennie Shortridge. Looking forward to it!

I spoke with friend and fellow author, Sharon Cindrich, today. It’s always great catching up on our writing lives and collaboration. And news! She might be on Good Morning America on Wednesday morning. I’ll know more tomorrow.

It was three years ago that I received a short-notice e-mail and phone call to appear on the show with Diane Sawyer. I’m still bummed that the after-show photos of myself, Samantha, and Diane (I can call her that now…just kidding) didn’t come out. [More on that story here…]

chef-samantha.gif Time to go read a second novel. I actually made it through an entire novel. Perhaps I’ve mentioned that my husband has read nine or ten books already this summer (or something like that). I read and reviewed on Amazon, We Are All Fine Here, which was recommended on that list I posted from funny guy Marc Acito. Confessions of a Shopoholic, here I come!

Sigh. I think I miss the weekend.

What the World Needs Now is…More Magenta

At night, when the sun is going down, the whole office fills with a pink glow…like a sunset. I really like it so much more than the dark blue we used to have on the wall.

I’m not at all done fixing and rearranging. Working on seven presentations I have coming up for three trips kind of snuck in and took over. I’m giving myself until the end of the month to finish the project.

And in the land of news that’s actually writing-related, I will have a definitive thumb’s up or thumb’s down on book deal #2 in about four weeks. (Let’s hope it’s an offer!)

Please cross everything crossable for me in the meantime!

As good ol’ Tom Petty always used to say…”The wai-ai-ai-ting is the hard…est part.” So true.

Okay, well if I’m done dating myself, here’s a little dose of magenta to tie you over until I get this office finished. 🙂

Magenta Take Two

P.S. Surely someone will ask about the cool WM poster. It’s one that my publicist sent to one of the bookstores I visited. Maybe Third Coast Books, if memory serves.

I already have my own but they said I could take this one. It’s a little marred but it looks cool, no? Such an awesome cover that Claudean Wheeler designed for this book. Thanks again, Claudean!

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