Random writer mama thoughts on a Monday night…

Samantha is out on the porch singing “Baltimore” from the soundtrack Hairspray. We saw it on Friday night and enjoyed it, even though Samantha wasn’t charmed at first, and thought we could just walk out, like at the free kiddie movies they show in the summer. We persuaded her to stay by letting her sit on our laps and now look, she’s like a regular Tracy Turnblat.

Jason is over at the high school watching Aida, the summer school production. Fortunately, for us, he gets the summers off from directing. Thank goodness.

I worked on book proposal number two today. I find it very frustrating to not be able to let the cats, either of them, out of their respective bags. I feel like every time I write in this blog, I have to be very, very careful not to “tip my hand.” But that’s just motivation to get them done and distributed so good things can happen.

Not traveling this summer was a very good decision. We get valuable regrouping time. Much deserved and needed. Everyone should get a summer vacation, including grown-ups.

I’ll be at the Pacific Northwest Writer’s Conference this Saturday. I’ll get to see Writer Mama agent Rita Rosenkranz and fellow agent-buddy Jeff Ayers. I’ll also get to catch up with novelist Jennie Shortridge. Looking forward to it!

I spoke with friend and fellow author, Sharon Cindrich, today. It’s always great catching up on our writing lives and collaboration. And news! She might be on Good Morning America on Wednesday morning. I’ll know more tomorrow.

It was three years ago that I received a short-notice e-mail and phone call to appear on the show with Diane Sawyer. I’m still bummed that the after-show photos of myself, Samantha, and Diane (I can call her that now…just kidding) didn’t come out. [More on that story here…]

chef-samantha.gif Time to go read a second novel. I actually made it through an entire novel. Perhaps I’ve mentioned that my husband has read nine or ten books already this summer (or something like that). I read and reviewed on Amazon, We Are All Fine Here, which was recommended on that list I posted from funny guy Marc Acito. Confessions of a Shopoholic, here I come!

Sigh. I think I miss the weekend.


3 Responses to “Random writer mama thoughts on a Monday night…”

  1. 1 marnini July 24, 2007 at 5:22 pm

    Good Luck with your Book Proposal. I was wondering if there is anywhere on your site or the Writer’s On the Rise site that touches on how to write a good proposal. I have a book that I would like to send a proposal in for but wasn’t sure of how a proposal would differ from a query.

  2. 2 The Writer Mama July 24, 2007 at 6:22 pm

    Yes! In fact, Sage Cohen wrote a three-part series on the subject.

    Just go to WOTR and click on Sage Cohen and all of her columns will come up in reverse chrono.

    I write about queries, in depth, in my book, Writer Mama.

    And queries are really nothing like book proposals, so you are smart to research them separately.

    Good books on book proposal writing are by Michael Larson and Elizabeth Lyon. My editor at Writer’s Digest also recommends Bulletproof Book Proposals.

    I definitely recommend attending a good writing conference before you start submitting book proposals, if you can swing it.

    And finally, keep in mind that a book proposal is an example of persuasive writing. And what’s the best way to persuade? By using research and examples to prove the need for your book, point by point.

    Be sure to downplay any personal or emotional attachment to your idea in your proposal and simply build your case. A quantifiable need is the best way to get an editor or agents attention.

    Well, maybe I should start a class on this, I certainly have a lot to say on the subject! Hope this is helpful.

  3. 3 movingmama July 25, 2007 at 6:37 pm

    I’m so jealous of you! To go to the PNWA Conference would be wonderful. I attended for two years when we lived out near Seattle – It was awesome! I would love to go again someday.

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