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Sneak Peek: Like the Heart, The World by Sage Cohen

Like the Heart, The WorldI think that someday soon, Sage Cohen is going to become a hugely famous poet. There is no doubt in my mind that she will be as famous as Maya Angelou, Mary Oliver, and Robert Frost. No doubt she will be a poet laureate, a prize-winning poet, and perhaps someone like Bill Moyers will even include her in a series on the process of writing and living poetry.

Sage Cohen lives the life poetic. That’s why I invited her to teach her class, Poetry for the People, through Writers on the Rise.

She is the first person whom I’ve invited to teach in this way, so that should tell you that I’m very particular about whom I invite.

Extremely picky.

No doubt and as usual, Sage will outshine me as a teacher. She has already done this as managing editor of Writers on the Rise with seemingly little effort. Some might be annoyed by this. But not me. Because you see, I already told you the secret. Sage lives the life poetic. Me? I only aspire to live halfway as poetically as she. Meanwhile I just sort of slop about.

Case in point. Her title poem. I just read it and it stopped me from what I was doing and propelled me towards the computer to write to you about her and her book.

And it’s not like I haven’t already been on the computer all day.

Seriously, look forward to reading. Like the Heart, The World by Sage Cohen.

We’ll be giving one of the freshly minted copies away during our September giveaway. Ordering details coming soon.

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