Attitude + Effort + Commitment = Authorship

In gearing up for my next round of classes, I review the feedback forms from the last class so that I can improve the class accordingly. I am often amused to notice that those who put the most into the classes in terms of effort and positive attitude clearly gain the most from the experience (and offer the most glowing reviews both of the class and of me as an instructor).

In my classes, students succeed as much as they apply what is offered and tie it into their own process and what works for them. Therefore, self-reflection is tied into the class. I don’t offer “insider secrets,” I hold the space where folks who are ready to work can do so and reap the benefits of the work that they do.

Check out these comments from a former Pitching Practice students for a clearer idea of how my teaching style is helpful to my students:

Christina was the task master/deadline diva I needed to keep my butt in the chair. She encouraged my muse and calmed my perfectionist so I could keep typing and focus on sharpening my writing and launching my work into the world.

~ Gigi R., Portland, Oregon

This class is the fabulous next step for anyone who’s been writing and is now serious about breaking into the magazine market (and yes, you have to be serious). Christina provides quality instruction and lots of tips on how to break in, along with valuable marketing information. This class is a must!

~ Joanna N. Bellingham, Washington

A whole boatload of “insider secrets” won’t do you any good if you don’t immediately apply them to your process. But six weeks of hard work can change everything.

That’s what I offer. If you are interested in Pitching Practice, an invaluable class where participants polish their query-writing skills, please let me know. Class begins tomorrow.

I also couldn’t help noticing at the Willamette Writers Conference that two of my former students who’d completed a full round of classes with me (WPSS, the old WPNA, PP & Platform Building) likely landed their first book deals.

I’m not bragging, I can’t take credit. But I think this paints a clearer picture of what is required from writers in terms of commitment-level for higher levels of success. Whether that level of commitment is exercised through my classes or elsewhere, I thought readers of this blog might be inspired by this quality of example. I know I am!


2 Responses to “Attitude + Effort + Commitment = Authorship”

  1. 1 Julianne August 14, 2007 at 8:57 pm

    It feels good to toot your own horn sometimes.

    Can’t wait to start class!

  2. 2 Sage August 18, 2007 at 5:31 am

    It is truly a kind of alchemy that happens between the committed student and the great teacher. It blows my mind how much my writing career has exploded since taking that first class with you last January!

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