Redrawing the September 2nd winner…

Hiya giveaway participants,

We need to redraw the day two winner as the person originally drawn lives outside the U.S.

According to “Da Rules,” number five states, “Prizes will only be shipped to United States locations.” Suffice it to say, I’m sticking to the rules to be fair to everyone (including me).

So a quick reminder that folks outside the U.S. can only receive the giveaway prizes if they can provide a U.S. shipping address. That’s the best I can do, my friends. 🙂

And look at it this way…everyone who participates in the giveaway is a winner, simply by virtue of answering the questions and partaking in everyone’s wisdom. Right?

Onward! The new winner of the day two books is…

Tricia Grissom!!!

The random number generator likes her today too.

Tricia, to claim your prize please e-mail me your snail mail address at:

writermama AT (you have to type it in, I’m trying to avoid SPAM)

The Writer’s Little Helper

Koenig’s Wonder

Tricia has won The Writer’s Little Helper: Everything you need to know to write better and get published by James V. Smith (Writer’s Digest Books 2006), Jr. and Koenig’s Wonder by Linda Kuhlmann (novel, Llumina Press 2004).

Congratulations, Tricia. I hope you’ll keep participating!

Please don’t forget to check back each day to hear about a brand new winner.

And please spread the word about the giveaway. Go here to grab a copy of the giveaway badge.

PLEASE NOTE: Today’s giveaway post is two posts down from this post. Be sure to comment to the correct post to win. The comment button is located at the top of the post, just under the post’s title but your comment won’t post until it is approved (usually within a few hours except when I am sleeping).

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: If you are here for the first time, be sure to read “Da Rules,” where all your questions about the giveaway are answered.


1 Response to “Redrawing the September 2nd winner…”

  1. 1 Heather September 4, 2007 at 1:56 pm

    Congrats to Tricia!

    And you’re so right about how you win just by participating. You can’t know the insights I’m gaining from just pondering on these questions each day. Thanks!

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