Why I Have to Stick to Da WMGTSDG Rules


Writer Mama Fall 2007 Daily Giveaway Tiny BadgeIf you wish to view all eight of our winners thus far, please click on the category, “Writer Mama Back-to-School Daily Giveaway Winners.” 🙂

I sent the packages to winners 1-6 yesterday, please allow up to three weeks for delivery. Not sure how long it will take. Feel free to comment or e-mail when you receive your books.

Also, and this will be the case from here on out (I have a book deadline, after all):

If your comment doesn’t comply with “Da Rules,” your comment will automatically be deleted without follow up.

I am so mean. 😉

Actually, I have to make sure I get my work done and keep all my balls in the air. This goes for my book deadline, ongoing classes, article deadlines, parenting, wifing, pet care, etc.

The giveaway is a blast! But it must stay on track and if it goes off track…well, I’m just saying, I’m not responsible for folks who don’t comply with the rules any longer. I had kinda taken that on without realizing it. Silly me.

Also the blog server might screw up. And there is nothing, and I mean no thing, that I can do to control that (except whine at WordPress really loudly, but even that won’t restore your evaporated post). So we just have to roll with it and hope she holds strong for the entire 30 days.

So far, seems to be going pretty good. My husband made me change random number generators. He didn’t think the last one I was using was reliable. But I thought it was working just fine. I mean, it’s supposed to be random. And it sure seemed like it was. But we’ll try this one this week and see how he likes it.

Please let me know if you have a recurring problem. For one-time problems, I think from here on out we all just have to shrug and say, “Oh well.”

Sticking to the rules is the best, most consistent stance for me for sanity’s sake. I don’t like to hear that something has gone wrong, which has been the case on a few occasions so far. However, I’ve saved many entries from qualifying…but I have to stop doing that. Otherwise, I won’t have the time/energy to orchestrate the giveaway.

So THANKS for understanding and following the rules. Everyone has been a good sport so far. And now…ON WITH THE GIVEAWAY!


1 Response to “Why I Have to Stick to Da WMGTSDG Rules”

  1. 1 Paula Forte September 9, 2007 at 1:40 pm

    How fun to find this blog — complete with gifts! Every blog should give gifts. I mean, lofty thought and verbal drama may be a gift to readers in and of itself, but real, honest-to-goodness presents, well that’s a serious reward!

    The rules, they seem quite simple — am I missing something here? A trick question? A riddle hidden in the simple words that seem so straight forward? Hope not, because after all, the three favorite words for any woman are free, fun and food. My fourth favorite “f” word I try not to use in pleasant company.

    Exciting though, to find something free and fun, right here, on the internet. I’ll be back, whether I win or not! Just to see who did!

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