WMBTSD Giveaway Day Twelve: September 12, 2007

I hope everyone is enjoying the giveaway as much as I am!

White Bikini PantiesToday’s giveaway is September 12th: Six-Figure Freelancing, The Writer’s Guide to Making More Money (Random House 2005) by Kelly James Enger AND a special bonus book, White Bikini Panties: Say Goodbye to the Good Girl also by Kelly James Enger (Kensington 2004).

But first, you must answer this question in 50-300 to participate in today’s giveaway drawing:

Six Figure Freelancing by Kelly James EngerJust imagine for a moment you make six figures. (It feels good, right?) What do you suppose your typical day would look like from sun up to sun down? Don’t hold back. Tell us all your six-figure secrets for getting more quality writing done in less time.

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23 Responses to “WMBTSD Giveaway Day Twelve: September 12, 2007”

  1. 1 Kris September 12, 2007 at 4:19 am

    If I were pulling in a six-figure income from writing, I think my day would start early. I’d get up at about 5:30 or 6:00, and get about an hour of work in before the kids got up to get ready for school. I would also have a babysitter come in about five hours a day so that I could have a solid block of time to get some work done. Weekends and evenings would be for there if I needed them, to complete overflow work, but I wouldn’t work these on a regular basis. Instead, my husband would come home at a reasonable hour so he could cook dinner and be with the the kids. That way I could get another hour or two of work in before my brain cells stopped working.

    Hey, that sounds like a pretty good schedule! 🙂

  2. 2 Julianne September 12, 2007 at 5:31 am

    My first six-figure secret: hiring an au pair. If I could have my kids close by but someone else could handle their laundry, food preparation and meltdowns, that would be fabulous. I’d take on the role of the live-in Grandma, always around but never yelling. It would be sheer bliss.

    My day would start early. I would wake up, eat breakfast with my kids and kiss them as they walked out the door with the au pair, on their way to school and the park. I’d drink my coffee and scan the paper then take a couple of steps to my lavish, comfortable computer desk to get some work done. My top-notch organizational skills would have my writing tasks for the day laid out and I would mark them off the list, one by one, taking breaks to go outside and push the kids on the swing or read them a story.

    My uninterrupted day would be productive enough that I could cook dinner for my family. I’d sit down to eat with them when my husband gets home, play some games with the kids, help put them to bed and spend some time chatting with my husband in the living room. Right before I turned out my light, I’d check my itinerary for the next day. Oh, look at that!, the cleaning lady is coming tomorrow. I sleep soundly knowing that my house will be clean and tidy by tomorrow afternoon.

  3. 3 Andrea McMann September 12, 2007 at 6:17 am

    Maybe I’m a little superstitious, but when I buy a lottery ticket, (which, admittedly, isn’t often) I daydream about what it would be like to have that kind of money, but I won’t talk about it because it’s always a tiny letdown when I don’t win (and I never do). But, just for the fun of it, I’ll allow myself to articulate my daydreams. Now that I think of it, a six figure income is different from winning the lottery. Income implies that one has worked for the money and not come into it by chance. If I had that kind of money, I think I would become a travel writer. That way, I could do the traveling I’ve always wanted to do, and be able to write about it as an added bonus. Also, if I had a six figure income, I’d make my husband quit his job and watch the kids so I could write whenever the muse struck. Let him change the poopy diapers! Hmmm…I’m starting to like this idea!

  4. 4 Shawn September 12, 2007 at 6:17 am

    Goodness, that’s a tough one. I’m guessing I’m sending the twins off
    to kindergarten and the hubby off to work and then settling into the routine of:

    checking e-mail and responding
    making calls for today’s interviews
    writing a query or two a day
    submitting one or two queries a day
    writing a story a day
    managing my two assistants: one virtual to pdf all my clips and one research assistant to nail down all those news hooks.
    and then, spending two hours in the late afternoon writing my book.
    then, checking my email and responding once more. but not much ’cause who has time?
    blogging would probably be out of the question, unless it’s directly related to making money.

  5. 5 Renee Roberson September 12, 2007 at 6:45 am

    Ah, what a life! I really want this book because I need to know where to focus my efforts so I can hit the six-figure mark!

    My typical day would look something like this:

    Rise early, get the kids ready for school. Do drop-off or meet carpool, then at my desk to work from 8:30 a.m. until the kids come home from school. There’s so much you can do with a six or seven hour chunk of uninterrupted writing/business time! On the days I had to run errands during the work day, I’d have to put it two or three extra hours either before the kids woke up or in the evenings after dinner has been cleaned up. So basically I would work 35-40 hours a week, just around my family’s schedules since I wouldn’t have to worry about commute time or clocking out for lunch or breaks.

    On the weekends we’d head off to our mountain/beach/lake house that we were able to invest in with my extra income!

  6. 6 Mary Jo C. September 12, 2007 at 6:59 am

    Great question! Been fantasizing about this for years!!

    First, I would be a home owner, not a renter, which would allow space for my own library/office, complete with new laptop, spacious uncluttered desk, large board to track projects, lots of natural sunlight, private phone line so clients won’t need to endure the babbling of my preschooler. Having my own space for writing would enrich my creativity and allow focus (dare I say minimize interruptions?)

    I would awake to the aroma of Flavia cappuccino, pumpkin flavor, take my calendar and notebook on the porch, a pooch at my feet (another perk of not renting an apartment) and prioritize my projects and calls for the day. I’d be home to see my oldest off to school and now afford a nanny to entertain little Sam while Mommy works. With my office door locked and Ipod on, I would spend part of the day researching new markets, answering emails, editing current projects and updating my new blog. With busy work out of the way, I’d take a portable recorder for on a walk on the beach (I’d live near the ocean!) and verbalize my next chapters on my newest novel, come home to scribble it down in a notebook and stop for a picnic lunch with my family. Back in my office to type up my notes and form into lyrical language. A new dependable car sits in my driveway ready for trips to meet with editors and my agent. I could afford to take my family on my book tours. And did I mention a two-week sabbatical to Italy (of course I’d write while there!) – 273 words

  7. 7 Cath September 12, 2007 at 7:16 am

    I’m not gonna lie…I don’t think my day would look much different than what it looks like now. Only with a six figure income I could hire a cleaning service to come in once and awhile and de-spiderfy my house!

    I write from around 9:30 till 2, mostly still in my pj’s, with my mug of tea growing cold next to the computer. I really, really try to shower before my kid gets home from school.

    In the afternoons, I work on organizational stuff or research- things I can do with music blaring, phones ringing, dog barking and all the other interruptions that come from being a writer-y mom.

    Around 10 at night, I check my e-mail one last time and end up on the computer for another hour or two. Okay, okay, some of that time is brain-decompressing with a game.

    As you can see, cleaning does not fit into my writing schedule. So I really need that six figure income before the spiders in my house unite (did you read about that HUGE web in Texas??? It could happen).

  8. 8 marnini September 12, 2007 at 7:51 am

    Let’s see what will my day be like WHEN I am making six figures:)
    First I would definitely be at my home by the lake. I’d probably rise early enough to still appreciate the morning sun. I’d nestle into my cozy adirondack chair with a blanket draped around my shoulders and a fresh cup of coffee in my hand. I would let the fresh air and coffee wake me up a bit. Once my mind was cleared I would be ready to start the day. I would go up my spiral staircase to the loft that was my office and begin my day writing. At about noon I would take a break and go back to enjoy lunch on my back patio with my hubby and children if they aren’t in school(I’m picturing summer)I’d finish up the day around 3:00 but if inpsiration hit I would always be able to write it down in my journal or go back to the loft after the kids went to sleep. Sounds good right?

  9. 9 Heather Haapoja September 12, 2007 at 7:51 am

    Six figure secrets… if only I knew! lol

    What I’ve been trying to do to head in that direction is schedule in two hours a day for writing. Actually, one hour for writing, one hour for marketing, interviews, submissions, etc. Somehow I don’t see two hours a day leading to six figures, but it’s a start. My kids are all school age now, so I do have several hours a day to myself (more or less), and I suppose if I did make that kind of money, I could hire help with housework, errands, driving my mom around, things like that. Then I’d have a lot more time to devote to actual writing.

    To make six figures, it seems like you’d need to be extremely regimented and disciplined with your time in order to juggle several different assignments and projects at once. You’d need to schedule in things like brainstorming article ideas (Monday morning, from 9:00-10:00), researching markets (10:00 – 11:00), searching out and contacting experts and interviewees (11:00 – 12:00), outlining and rough drafts (after lunch), etc. Then there would be the actual writing, querying, submitting, keeping track of said submissions, follow-ups… honestly, it’s mind boggling to me, but I’d love to find out how its actually done!

    And yes, Christina, I’m totally enjoying the giveaway. I’m going to miss these daily questions when its over! ;o)

  10. 10 Laura September 12, 2007 at 8:17 am

    Making six figures is not my dream, but being successfully published is. If I obtained that level of success, I could give up my day job in the exciting world of medical billing, and write full time. Now that is truly my ambition, and dream.

    If this was the case, I would treat my writing as a regular business. Get up at 5am, get ready for work, the same as I do now, with two exceptions: my dress code would include comfy jeans, and my commute would be upstairs to my writing room. Oh, yes, I would have a room dedicated to my writing (instead of just a corner of my bedroom). By 7am, I would be sitting down, with a full pot of tea, and begin my day by answering any emails (writing related), and following a to do list, begin working on my various projects. (I can’t function without my lists).

    After warming up by editing and submitting an article, I would begin research, on a new project, for about an hour. Then, I would pull out a manuscript, and work on it, just writing away. I would take a lunch break at about noon, having my lunch in the kitchen (cause the writing room is only for writing, not eating), and take my dog for a quick walk (the dog I would be able to get cause I would by then have a house).

    Then I would work on my manuscript for about 2 hours, and then take a tea break. Next I would check my list, and work on other writing tasks, such as research, or writing a first draft of an article. After putting in a full 8 hours, I would prepare my work list for tomorrow, then tidy up, and head ‘home’.

  11. 11 Tricia Grissom September 12, 2007 at 11:09 am

    My manservant Manolo wakes me gently with fresh tea and scones. Then the nanny brings my beautiful children into the bedroom for a kiss from me before they are off to school.

    After breakfast, Manolo brings me my laptop and go over my scheduled tasks for the day (he’s so cute with that pencil behind his ear). I nod thoughtfully and make notes about which projects I need to work on.

    I rise and dress. Manolo brings me the phone and dials the number for interviews I must conduct for my articles. I gently clear my throat and begin the day’s work.

    I tip tap type until luncheon (Manolo is so good with chicken kiev). After my repast, I finish any projects due for that day and make notes on what must be accomplished for the next day and send out several more queries to prime the pump.

    The children come home and we laught, talk, and go over their homework. We have dinner and then I put them to bed for the evening and write on my WIP which has just been purchased by Major Publishing, Inc.

    At bedtime, Manolo tucks me in. It must end here. I don’t kiss and tell.

  12. 12 kimhaynes September 12, 2007 at 11:34 am

    I definitely need this book so that I can continue to work from home but my husband and I can someday own our home instead of renting one!

    If I had a six figure income, my day would look much the same as it does, except there would be someone coming in to clean my house and I wouldn’t have to pause in my writing to tutor kids so that I can bring in some extra income. I would get up, exercise (ok, so that’s not dependant on a six figure income, but I can dream, can’t I?), and then move to my “office” — all this in a home we would own.

    I’d spend the day working on one of my three different “jobs” – educational writing and curriculum design, non-educational freelance writing, and my novels. If I had a six figure income, I could devote more time to my non-educational writing and novels, which is what’s really exciting to me, while still bringing in steady income from my educational writing.

    And, if I had a six figure income, I could afford to travel with my husband, who is currently going to two different sides of the world on business trips. I could pitch travel articles about those same places and we wouldn’t have to be separated for weeks at a time!

  13. 13 Darren September 12, 2007 at 12:00 pm

    I have no idea what my typical day of six figures would look like. By then, I’d have learned the secrets to success that elude me now, for if not obvious enough, I presently don’t make money off my writing. I don’t think I’m good enough yet, but if I were, my ideal day would look like this:

    I’d wake early and do yoga: It awakens my body and mind. After breakfast, I’d spend some time writing. “Some time” is an understatement, though; I’d easily be able to write for a few hours uninterrupted. I can write for hours now, but too often I’m simply unable to do so, but by then, I’d have the time. After lunch, I’d edit and rewrite. After all, part of writing well is knowing how to edit and rewrite even better.

    Finally, with “work” done, I’d take time to keep in touch with family and friends and engage in truly inspiring, fulfilling activities. I’d read and watch movies, take time to experience nature; I’d attempt a garden and maybe even keep it alive long enough to enjoy it. I’d prepare a gourmet dinner and savor it. I’d fall into bed early, no longer needing to stay up late to get everything done.

    But of course, an ideal day as it see it now is far from what any ideal day would ever be. This dream reflects my wants as they are now, but life is not static. Life is dynamic. By the time I make six figures, my wants, my needs, will have changed. What I perceive to be ideal, what is effective for me now, will be ideals and techniques completely foreign to me then.

  14. 14 Kelli September 12, 2007 at 12:28 pm

    I like Tricia’s “Manolo.” Where can I order one of those? 😉

    Actually, when I’m making six figures (and it’s a high six figures), my writing life is relatively the same, but it’s the details.

    First, my writing studio outside is gorgeous, heated, and filled with original art. It also has a hot pad for tea & a mini fridge.

    Second, I have a housekeeper (not the live in kind as I’m protective about my space) but one who comes twice a week, well, since I’m living in luxury, maybe 3 times a week and does all the laundry.

    Third, though in certain ways I already have a personal chef as my husband does all the cooking, I would have a personal chef for the days he’s at work when I tend to eat cereal or soup.

    And last, I’d hire an assistant to help with all the details like submitting my work, organizing my paperwork/contract, researching information and I’d pay her well.

    Oh and sometime during the day Tricia’s “Manolo” would show up with fresh scones and tea. It’s nice how I can insert myself into someone else’s daydream, I guess to be even I’d return Manolo along with some original art for her studio.

    This was my favorite question so far!
    Kelli R.A

  15. 15 Beth K. Vogt September 12, 2007 at 1:25 pm

    I want Tricia Grissom’s six-figure-income life!

    Okay, writer-mama-math: With that type of income, I’d have someone come in and clean my house once a week. Seems to be a universal dream of all writer-mamas.
    But I’d also splurge on an assistant to manage my paperwork–filing,ugh!–and appointments and such. I am a “Big Picture” person, which means I forget the details.
    I’d plan out my year and block out time for several writers conferences–several to attend, several to teach workshops.
    I’d set aside the morning to write because that’s when I’m at my best mentally.
    Some things wouldn’t change: my commitment to my writers group would stay the same.
    I’d like to take some of my income and support some beginning writers too–because I’d remember my “starving writer days” when the cost of a conference stretched my budget.

  16. 16 Stefanie September 12, 2007 at 1:36 pm

    I’d take my 6 figure salary and get it together to open up a writer center for moms and children on the ocean. Sort of like Soapstone for families. This place would be very low cost and mothers and children would be accepted for a week or two at a time. Part of the requirement for coming would be writing samples and a willingness to take turns, take part in the child care. A homey type place where two-three moms and a professional would watch the kids, while the other moms retreated to comfortable ‘offices’ to work. The offices would consist of peaceful views, desks, shelf space, computers if necessary, paper, printers etc. The rooms would be soundproof, except for the windows that would open and let in the ocean air. A large kitchen area and gathering area would function as the place where people met and did readings and shared work. In the evening, we’d have a fire going with readings and talks. There would be a terrific outdoor place for the kids to play, complete with a tunnel and a tree fort. We’d have hiking trails and a cook who makes healthy and tasty meals. And, down comforters and 100% cotton sheets. Homemade ice cream, hot chocolate, great shower pressure, and a friendly but spunky cat or two.

  17. 17 Linda Harris September 12, 2007 at 2:35 pm

    Hmm, White Bikini Panties…sounds interesting! So does a six-figure income.

    If I earned that much, I would get up whenever I wanted, write whenever I wanted, and cook whenever I wanted. Since I don’t even cook much now, I’d really get a personal chef.

    I’d love to have a home where my studio was a mile from the house (so I’d have a nice long walk getting there and back). There would be no phone, so anyone who needed me would have to walk the mile to find me. The studio would have lots of natural sunlight and I would be so entranced by the decor that I wouldn’t want to leave. In fact, I could learn to be a hermit.

  18. 18 Meema September 12, 2007 at 6:10 pm

    The single thing that would change around here in our lives would be to have the luxury of focusing on the things that we enjoy, not concerning ourselves with what we can afford.

    We have a great life! We are very blessed with healthy, happy children and my time is mostly my own, as my children are in school from 8:00 a.m. until 2:30 every day. I would hire someone to do the grocery shopping and laundry once a week, and I would have more money to give to charitable causes. This has always been a dream of mine to have enough to take care of all of us and then have lots to give away. I would set up a foundation — mostly for children –to provide things for them that they currently do without. I would love to provide a scholarship to college for a child — something like the I have a Dream program.

    I don’t dream about money or think about like most folks do. I just want to be happy and comfortable.


  19. 19 Karrie Myton September 12, 2007 at 6:37 pm

    If I had a six figure income…

    I’d have to find a social connection other than through the computer. This morning I just heard of a group of computer people who work from their homes and formed a meeting called “gellies.” I’m not sure that the spelling is correct but they get together in one of each others’ homes once or twice a month to connect with other people doing the same thing. This gives them the social benefits that they lost when they chose to stay home.

    So with that income I would reach out to other writer mamas and form a network of us in my area who met at one another’s homes. We could also hire someone to do the cleaning the day before so no writer got overstressed at the idea of having to scour their home in advance.

    My day would look like:

    Wake up and send the husband to the job or school he really enjoys rather than the one he doesn’t like now.

    Wake my first grade son up in time for school and put him on the bus.

    Connect with my writer friends by computer or, on occasion, in their homes.

    Write until my son comes home with a lunch break and walk/run the dog. I might do this at home or take my computer out to a coffee shop for variety.

    Fix dinner and spend time with my family.

    I also see myself taking my family on trips with my income, teaching classes and attending specacular writing conferences.

    Naturally I’d have a housekeeper who could clean while I wrote.

    You all were right — this was fun!

  20. 20 Claire Muzal September 12, 2007 at 6:42 pm

    Yes, six figures would change things – – – –
    It would change my current focus from finding markets that would profit me, to cutting lose with some “what the hades” creativity – to heck if it sells. But if it didn’t sell, I might not have six figures for long!

    So I imagine my day begins with lots of sun in my face (sorry Pacific Northwest)- a personal trainer to help me with exercise-preferably out there in the sun, and bunches of deep breathing to oxygenate my brain.

    I would hire an administrative assistant to sift e-mails, pay bills, deal with my accountant, set up interviews, keep my calendar, and protect three hours of my day for writing time, and two hours a day for just reading.

    But all you dreamers, like me, don’t have it “ideal,” and yet you are persevering – there is wisdom that arises out of the struggle to perfect a craft smack in the middle of the messies of life.

  21. 21 Beth Browne September 12, 2007 at 6:42 pm

    In a gloomy moment recently, I asked myself what I would do differently if I had only six months to live. To my surprise, I discovered I would not change that much. I decided I would try to pay more attention to my kids, spend more time with my friends and go to Kauai to see one of my oldest friends. I bought the tickets today. It cost less than $700. I will stay with my friend for free. Next March, I may just go see another friend in Cornwall in the south of England. What was I so gloomy about? I have a great life! Who needs a six-figure income? My gross income from writing last year was $100. I’d be happy with a four-figure income this year. I love my writing life.

  22. 22 Karen September 12, 2007 at 8:39 pm

    With a six-figure income, a few little things would change.

    My hunsband could quit his job. He could watch the kids in the morning, get breakfast and coffee going, get them to preschool and the like while I spend my three or six most productive hours of the day at the computer (which, by the way, is in my own separate office that has been cleaned and organized by someone else), spilling out the next best life-changer and best seller. We’d switch roles, and I’d be home for playtime. After dinner has been delivered by the gourmet take out in town, it’s family time. And, after having the in-home dish doing service come in and take care of the details, and because I had so much productive time in the day, I go to bed at a reasonable hour instead of pretending I’m in college again and cramming words on the screen until the wee hours. Wait a minute–do I need six figures to get this done?

  23. 23 Stephanie September 13, 2007 at 11:38 am

    I can’t believe I missed this question! I know the deadline has already passed, but I thought I’d post my thoughts anyway…”for the good of the cause.” 🙂

    Here’s my “six-figure” day:

    * Wake-up and go for a run with my personal trainer
    * Eat breakfast with my family
    * Mommy’s Helper arrives to take care of my baby while I “escape” to my library (yes, library!) to write, blog, conduct interviews, etc.
    * Stop to eat lunch and go for a swim in our fabulous swimming pool with a scenic view
    * Continue working until 2ish
    * Spend some quality time with my little girl
    * Volunteer somewhere with my daughter in tow…the local school district, from home for a non-profit, etc.
    * Make and eat dinner with my family
    * Go for a walk as a family
    * Put baby to bed
    * Hang out with my husband – watch a movie, play ping pong, relax with a glass of wine
    * Squeeze in a few e-mails before heading to bed

    (Did I mention that I have a maid and a personal shopper?)

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