Writer Mama Fall 2007 Events Calendar Update

Hiya writers,

Thanks so much for all the great comments from the folks who are participating in the giveaway. I am (just barely) keeping up with all of them this month, as the giveaway takes a pretty big bite of time. Next month I hope to respond to each day’s comments in a blog entry.

We’ll see if I can keep up with myself! So far, so good.

We kicked off the Northwest Author Series last night here in Wilsonville with Marc Acito and he was just so damn good.

I felt really proud of myself for bringing such a high-quality literary experience to my home town.

I’m up next on October 21st and I’ll be offering tips and tricks for aspiring nonfiction writers of all ages.

In fact, I am much busier this fall than I expected to be. And here I thought I was going to sink into my writing cocoon and “disappear” for a while into book #2.

Apparently, that’s not how it’s going to work. But that’s okay. Because I have found that when I am out and about, inspiration comes to me, instead of me having to try and find inspiration.

You can view all of my upcoming events right here in my blog on the page marked “2007 WM Events.”

Thanks for continuing to spread the word about the giveaway. Don’t forgot about the other giveaways: 10 autographed copies of Writer Mama and a one-hour phone consult for the participants who inspire and encourage fellow writer mamas and bring new participants in! Need a refresher? Read “Da Rules.”


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