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Happy Halloween, Mamas!

This is one of those holidays where I’m always the invisible one. The one behind the camera capturing the moments, like this one of Samantha and her Great Grandma:


Notice any resemblance? (I think they resemble each other a great deal.)

And, of course, Daddy has to get in on the action!


Yes, this is what he wore to school today…to teach. 🙂
Where’s mommy? Grandpa Charlie grabbed this shot when he was here…


…I’ll have to get a costume next year! Can anyone relate?


Crazy Eights Meme

Misti over at Life of a Writer tagged me. Thanks, Misti. Here goes…

8 Things I’m passionate about:

1. My daughter

2. My husband

3. Writing

4. Creativity/Self-expression

5. My WritingCareer (not exactly the same as writing)

6. Spirituality

7. Rallying people for good purposes

8. Our pets

8 Things I want to do before I die:

1. Create an amazing home that reflects all that my family is, does and loves

2. Live very well without crushing the earth underneath my feet

3. Play Nancy in the musical Oliver

4. Take romantic trips with my hubby to NYC, Paris, and Vienna (not nec. in that order)

5. Write at least ten books

6. Win an Academy Award for Best Screenplay (No clue where these ideas come from…)

7. Make a movie and act in it

8. Help my hubby and daughter accomplish all of their dreams

8 Things I Say Often:

1. You have to produce yourself

2. Home is wherever you are

3. Writing is a rhythm, not a formula

4. J! (That’s me calling my husband)

5. Samantha Rose KATZ! (That’s me chastising my daughter.)

6. Keep up the good work! (To my students)

7. I can’t do this all by myself! (Proceeds asking my hubby to turn off the TV, computer, or whatever and come help me.)

8. Go potty! (To the dogs) 🙂

8 Books I’ve read recently (or am still reading):

1. How to Be That Guy by Scott Ginsberg

2. Robert’s Rules of Writing By Robert Masello

3. Writer Mama (Yes, I actually reread it. It was pretty good!)

4. Make a Name for Yourself by Scott Ginsberg

5. E-Parenting, Keeping Up with Your Tech-Savvy Kids by Sharon Cindrich

6. Freelancing for Newspapers by Sue Lick

7. Like the Heart, The World by Sage Cohen

8. Your Five Year Old, Sunny and Serene by Louise Bates Ames

8 Songs I Could Listen to Over and Over (And do!)

1. George Winston’s “Thanksgiving”

2. Wicked SDTK “Defying Gravity”

3. Hairspray SDTK “Good Morning Baltimore”

4. Harry Connick Jr. “It Had To Be You”

5. Beaches SDTK “I Think It’s Going to Rain Today”

6. Rent SDTK “La Vie Boehme”

7. Shine SDTK “Nulla in Mundo Pax Sincera” (from our wedding)

8. John Denver’s “Summer”

8 Things that Attract Me to My Best Friends:

1. Their positive attitude

2. Their sincerity

3. Their creativity

4. Their understanding

5. Their loyalty

6. Their imperfection

7. Their sense of humor

8. Their aspirations

8 People I Think Should Do Crazy Eights:

1. Abby Green over at Diary of a New Mom

2. Kristin Bair O’Keeffe over at Shanghai Adventures of a Trailing Spouse

3. Sage Cohen over at Sage Said So

4. Pamela Kim over at Sparkly Like a Holiday

5. Jen Applin over at Managing the Motherload

6. Tiffani over at Never Too Late

7. Amy over at Dreaming About Water

8. Susan Ito over at ReadingWritingLiving

Fall Y’All Giveaway

Fall Y’All GiveawayWell, shoot. I just could not resist giving away two copies of my book, Writer Mama, How to Raise a Writing Career Alongside Your Kids (Writer’s Digest Books, 2007) as part of the Fall Y’All Giveaway sponsored by Rocks in My Dryer.

All you need to do to enter is to chime in any old thing under the comments for this post. Be sure to include your e-mail address. You don’t have to have a blog to win. I am willing to ship to US addresses only.

Compared to my giveaway in September (which I’m still selecting winners for, btw, but you already had to comment in September), this is  easy-peasy! If you’d like to participate, here’s the guidelines.

My forthcoming book!So if you didn’t win anything in the Writer Mama Back-to-School Giveaway, be sure to comment to this post sometime this week! I’ll select the winner and announce that lucky person back here on November 4th.

And if you don’t want to miss my month-long giveaway next year, subscribe to my zine or RSS subscribe to stay in the loop.

Good luck! Two winners will be selected by random number generator.

Head over to Bloggy Giveaways for the master list of participants. Have fun!

Spare a Little Change, Missus?

They say that one picture is worth a thousand words. Here’s three thousand:

Help the Red Cross help So. Cal

Help the Red Cross help So. Cal

Help the Red Cross help So. Cal

Please direct your donations to the American Red Cross.

Recovering…on Facebook!

Okay, well nothing makes you feel better when you are feeling crummy than just having a couple “down days.”

As opposed to a couple of “clown days,” which are what my daughter and husband often have. 🙂

So what did I do today? I read the Sunday paper at a leisurely pace, had a healthy breakfast (I know no one cares what I ate, but it was salmon and scrambled eggs, nutty toast with butter and honey, and real orange juice–doesn’t that sound healthy?). So far, so good.

Then…big mistake…I checked my new Facebook page (that I created yesterday during down time).

Marc Acito had teased me that “all the cool kids” were on Facebook…except me.

So, just to prove how cool I actually am, I am now on Facebook.

I’ve been on MySpace for a long time and I admit that I was annoyed that I couldn’t “see” inside Facebook without becoming a member.

But now that I’m in. Well…let’s just say, I’m in!

If you are a Facebook member, please add me to your friends. Just search for “Christina Katz.”

(And please while you’re in there, please list Writer Mama under your favorite books!)

A Little Bit Sick

Phooey. I don’t like being sick.

I kicked off the week feeling great! No more presentations for months. A chance to regroup, to write deeply, to NEST.

I love to nest at holiday time.

Then it began to creep into me. First just a little stuffy nose. Then a morning cough.

We call it “the crud” here, because that’s a good name for it.

But this time, the crud has me by the lungs…again. I was hit hard by something like this in the Spring at the kick off of my tour.

Back that took me down quick and sharp, like a tackle. (I played rugby in college, so I’ve been tackled plenty.)

I felt it coming this time and I’m staving it off as best I can. But, unfortunately, I think it’s winning.

Stupid crud.

If I have a burst of energy in the morning, I will catch up on things. Things like mailing books to people, making sure deductible expenses make it into the bin where they belong, returning library books, and getting ready for company this week. My husband’s grandmother is coming for Halloween. Won’t that be fun?

It will be fun, as soon as I kick this crud. Otherwise, I will have the slowly sinking feeling that I’ve been having. Crud. Pulling me into carpet. Like an undertow.

Watch out for it. Those cute little people called “kids” bring it home from school on their hands and in their hair and maybe even in their backpacks.

At the Fall Festival last night the school was positively thrumming with the crud. It was coursing through the halls like blood through veins.

I could hear them rubbing their grubby little miniscule mitts together. So many victims all dressed up for Halloween’s that they could ruin.

“Stupid crud. I can’t stand the stuff,” she said coughing in a raspy voice…and then she slunk off to bed.

Okay, one more…but this is the last one until 2008, I swear!

Writing in the Dark, in the Basement, in the Bathroom, or at the Park
A Panel Discussion of Mom Authors

Moderator: Diana Page Jordan
Panel: Chelsea Cain, Heather Sharfeddin, Elizabeth Rusch, and Christina Katz
What do a thriller author, a contemporary western author, a children’s author and a how-to author all have in common? They’re all women writers who mix literary life and motherhood. Come hear about the ups and downs of raising a writing career alongside kids.

Chelsea Cain is a columnist for The Oregonian and the author of The New York Times Bestseller Heartsick (St. Martin’s Minotaur). Heather Sharfeddin is the author of the contemporary westerns, Blackbelly and Mineral Spirits (Bridge Works Publishing), which both earned starred reviews and were chosen “Best of the Northwest.” Elizabeth Rusch released four books in 2007: Will It Blow? (Sasquatch Books), The Planet Hunter (Rising Moon), A Day with No Crayons (Rising Moon), and Girls’ Tennis (Capstone Press). Panel organizer, Christina Katz is the author of Writer Mama, How to Raise a Writing Career Alongside Your Kids (Writer’s Digest Books). Moderator, Diana Page Jordan is an award-winning broadcast journalist and a published writer.

December 9th, Barnes & Noble / Willamette Writers Books for Kids Fundraiser
4 p.m., This event is FREE at the
Clackamas, Oregon Barnes & Noble, All book purchases on this day benefit Books for Kids!

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