Brand New Class with Christina Katz in 2008

If you’ve taken Writing and Publishing the Short Stuff, you’re going to love this class!

Targeting Your Best Writing Markets

A New E-mail Class with Christina Katz

  • February 13 – March 26, 2008
  • August 20 – September 24, 2008

Class Maximum: 12

Anyone who has ever tried to launch a writing career can tell you that one of the biggest challenges is learning how to sift through and analyze potential markets. I can promise you this: , after you take this class, it will be a lot easier, make a lot more sense and go much faster. Furthermore, the experience of comparing which markets are a good fit for you with which markets are a good fit for your classmates will help you “get” marketing your writing a lot sooner than you would on your own. And lastly, if you have any nagging concerns about “selling out” by paying attention to the most appropriate channels through which to sell your work, you won’t any longer after this class. This is also an important class for starting to develop an all-important writing specialty, the same one that will come in really handy when you are ready to build a writer’s platform.

If you feel ready to start submitting your writing on a regular schedule, don’t go it alone. Join other writers who are in your same shoes and learn faster from Christina Katz and each other. We’ll cover: idea management, how to discover your best audiences, how to allow your best audiences to lead you to fresh ideas, how to break a magazine down to the keys that matter most to you as a freelancer, how to cultivate several approaches and go in the direction of the most natural growth for your writing style, and how to start specializing right out of the gate.

Duration: Six lessons with six assignments completed in six weeks


Class work turns around on Wednesdays (please specify your class date when you sign up in the “notes” or “message” section):

  • February 13 – March 26, 2008
  • August 20 – September 24, 2008

For more info, please visit the Writers on the Rise Classes page.

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