My Mom is my Hero: Call for Submissions

Dear Writers,

I am currently editing “My Mom Is My Hero,” and I am very short on
quality entries; thus, I have extended the deadline to December 15th.
I desperately need an influx of solidly written stories, particularly
with strong characterization and diverse story lines. The heroism
doesn’t have to be spectacular by any means; for example, I’m honoring
my mother’s memory by writing about how my proper southern mother–a
blend of Jackqueline Kennedy elegance and Ava Gardner sex
appeal–taught me social graces. A mother figure, grandmother, or a
mother you know qualifies. The publisher will only allow five
illness/death stories in the total work so I’m encouraging everyone to
write about everyday heroism. I really need diversity and humor!

Here’s the official “Call” and Guidelines. Please pass it on to anyone
you know who might have a good mother story to tell. THANK YOU!

“Call for Stories”

For Adams Media’s new Hero series, we seek fifty 850-1200 word true
stories no later than DECEMBER 15, 2007. We pay $100 per story (one
per volume), plus a copy of the book, and we will also award three
prizes $100, $75, and $50 for the top three stories—and a free copy of
the published book. A summary of what we want, formatting
requirements, and story tips follows. Please follow them carefully.
Also, please click on and carefully review all
the text under: “Hero Series Guidelines” where sample stories are

My Mom Is My Hero

Being a mother often proves the most difficult, and the most
important, job in the world; one that includes conflict but also
brings rich—albeit often unspoken—rewards. In this anthology, we seek
to honor real-life mothers and, therefore, want inspiring, true,
personal stories that speak to the challenges, ultimately positive
experiences, and extraordinary relationships between mothers and their
children (mothers of all ages, i.e., grandmothers count). Also a woman
who served as a mother figure, who played a significant role, or who
performed a heroic deed may also be honored. Heroic deeds range from
rescuing a child from physical peril to holding down a steady job and
raising children with exceptional values or work ethics. As we will
print very few stories focused on illness or dying, we encourage
authors to choose another time that illustrates your mother’s unique
character, drive, strength, dedication, tenderness, generosity,
intelligence, humor, etc. Bring your mother to life on the page and
show the world why she is worthy of accolades.


Please e-mail entries to as a separate
Word attachment. If you don’t have Word available, embed the copy in
your e-mail message (Times New Roman, no special formatting, please).

BASICS: 850-1200 WORDS, tightly written, focused, true, uplifting

Formatting Requirements:

  • Send all stories as a separate WORD document. If you don’t have Word, embed the story into the body of the e-mail.
  • Single-space all contact info (name, address, phone, e-mail) at the top left of the document.
  • No headers or footers; No page numbers.
  • Use 12 pt. Times New Roman; single or 1.5 spacing.
  • Make Paragraphs flush left with one extra space between them. No indentations.
  • Only use ONE space after a period.
  • Do not put titles in all CAPS; Do not include byline.
  • Do not put “The End” or anything else at the end.
  • At the bottom of your document, please provide a tightly focused three-sentence bio. Bios may include selected writing credits, but limit self-promotion to mention of a website. Humor is good. Link it to the story if relevant.

Story Tips:

  • Story must be true and uplifting. We are honoring mothers.
  • Tell a story—utilizing classic story structure, i.e., beginning/middle/end
  • If you write an essay or profile, they must include dynamic characterization
  • Keep the focus on your mother/mother-figure; she’s the heroine of the story!
  • Use description, characterization, action, and dialogue to bring your mother to life on the page
  • Focus on a momentous event that illustrates your mother’s heroic character
  • SHOW us why your mother is/was unique, exceptional, colorful, dramatic, heroic
  • Cut right to the chase, open with a scene; do not open with “My mom is my hero because….”
  • Come up with a snappy, evocative title; avoid “My Mom, My Hero,” etc.
  • Avoid death and illness stories (we’ll get way too many)
  • Strive for unique, fascinating, entertaining, distinctive tales
  • Make all the characters in the story dimensional, memorable
  • Please use active voice and strong verbs. Avoid “It was” and “There was” sentences.
  • Use potent, succinct modifiers.
  • Employ a strong voice
  • Humor is WELCOME

THANK YOU, and I look forward to receiving your stories!

All best regards,


Susan Reynolds
Literary Cottage Agency


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  1. 1 mommybug December 3, 2007 at 7:33 am

    What a neat idea for an essay! Thanks for the heads-up, Christina! 🙂

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