A Former Pitching Practice Student Shares How Persistance Pays Off

Wise words from a writer mama…of twins!

I sent two queries to Twins Magazine, and never got a response on either. I also sent two e-mail follow-ups, and again, heard nothing. But, two weeks ago, I learned that my emails were not always being received. Two different publications I write for did not receive my copy. This was alarming to me. So, I decided to call the Twins Magazine editor and just ask if she got the queries since I hadn’t heard back.

I left a voice message for her. Less than a week later, she called me and said she gets so many queries that, no, she didn’t see mine. She did a search for it from her archives, found it, and said she would like that story. So, a little persistence paid off here.

Thanks for sharing, Shawn!


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  1. 1 Lori November 30, 2007 at 5:51 am

    That seems to be an ongoing problem. I’ve had queries go haywire on me. I had an invoice go into someone’s spam filter and he never noticed until I sent the late fee. To be honest, I think he was full of it because he received all other attachments without a problem, but we have to take them at their word until other evidence presents itself. ;))

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