Gold Star Movie Recommendations for Over the Holidays

I have four movie recommendations to suit the following occasions:

You want something the whole family will enjoy in theaters
This would be Enchanted. J and I saw it today and wished we’d brought Samantha. We’ll have to prep her for the scary part though. But it’s not all that scary. Teenage boys might not go for it, especially in groups. But everyone else, especially the girls in the family, will love it. My husband even enjoyed it despite repeated efforts to talk me into seeing something else. View the trailer here or here.

You want to be inspired at the theater
If you are not a cynical person, you will love August Rush. If you lean to the cynical or even the intellectual side, you may need to suspend your disbelief…a lot. But I recommend it because it’s a really inspirational film that upholds the promise of my fourth movie recommendation. If you need help suspending your disbelief, watch recommendation four at home, then go to theaters and watch this. View the trailer here or here.

You want a chick flick you can view at home
I loved Waitress. We saw it on DVD when I wasn’t feeling well and it was thoroughly entertaining. For a movie that seems very lighthearted, it gave me a lot to think about. Especially because of the tragic death of the film’s director. Don’t miss it here or here.

You need a pep talk and you need it now
Apparently while the rest of the world was reading The Secret and watching the film, I was busy. And I’m still busy, which is perhaps why I welcome a positive message such as this film conveys. I am not sure it’s up to all the hype or that they’ve covered the topic very thoroughly, but I still enjoyed watching the film, especially over Thanksgiving right before seeing August Rush. We started a family vision board after seeing this film. I used to do this on my journal covers but I’d fallen out of the habit. Now I’m encouraging all of my friends to create vision boards too. Watch the trailer here or here.

Happy holiday R&R and happy movie watching!


1 Response to “Gold Star Movie Recommendations for Over the Holidays”

  1. 1 marnini December 19, 2007 at 11:46 am

    Thanks, I want to see all of those movies. I read the book The Secret and was truly motivated. I made a vision board also but unfortunately I had it on top of a china cabinet, we had a water leak and it was the vision board that got it. I always wondered if that was some type of sign:)

    Anyway,thanks for the heads up, I will be checking these out.

    By the way, I just finished reading Riding With the Queen(the book I won from your September sweepstakes-) I really enjoyed it and thought Jennie Shortridge did a great job on a first novel. I’m going to start her next one Eating Heaven shortly. Thanks again, Maribeth

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