Book About Motherhood Seeks Submissions: Non-paying

Dear Christina,
I was wondering if the following might be of interest to you of course, or any of your members,
It’s a new compilation of great writing about motherhood. If you are interested, the brief and guidelines are below,
Many thanks, Tanith Carey

A MOTHER’S LOVE – Synopsis

I am an author compiling a book about motherhood called “A Mother’s Love”, for publication later this year.
The book, to be published by UK publishers Lion, will be sold around the world. It will be a collection of around 60 stories about motherhood of between 150 and 300 words each.
I am particularly looking for strong anecdotal accounts where the author is able to take one closely observed incident or experience – and draw from it some meaning or insight about what it means to be a parent.
I am afraid the budget is tight, which means all I am able to offer is seeing your submission in print, credited to you, and a copy of the final book.
The deadline is February 5, 2008. Please e-mail any queries or submissions to

A MOTHER’S LOVE – Guidelines

This collection is aiming to look at what it is to be a mother – from either the mother and child’s point of view. I am looking for moving, inspiring and true stories which will speak to mothers everywhere.

The pieces should be well-written accounts which look at the challenges, hardships and sacrifices of motherhood – as well as the lessons, joy and universality of being a parent.

The book will be hardback and illustrated.

Story Tips:
* Stories should be between 150 and 300 words.
* They should be focussed and tightly written.
* Stories should uplifting, insightful, thoughtful, or universal in tone.
* They should tell a story – and be based on a defined structure.
* They should use description, characterization, anecdote, and dialogue to bring the story to life.
* They should be interesting, distinctive tales that use a strong, narrative voice.
* The stories can be told either from the point of view of the author as a child writing about her mother, or as a mother writing about her child/children.
* Humour is very welcome.


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