Healthy Habits / Resolutions Update

Okay, time to see how I’m doing on my promises to myself. I’ll tell you why in a minute.

These were my ten simple self-care steps I committed to making a habit in 2008:

1. Take a daily vitamin

How I’m doing: I forget this a lot and it’s important, because I am a little anemic. So I’ll use one of the pill thing reminder things. 

2. Drink more water

How I’m doing: Better. But need to fill the water bottle I bought and keep it by my desk. More exercise is helping me drink more water. 

3. Drink fresh juice or Superfood daily

How I’m doing: This is tough because would have gotten it at Costco and we’ve sworn off. I’m finishing up the last jug of Superfood now. And again, I forget to take it. Should take it with my vitamins. 

4.  Eat more veggies

How I’m doing: Doing a little better. Need to keep more options handy. 

5. Exercise daily (30 minute minimum)

How I’m doing: I’ve been consistently exercising four days a week. I think this is a good goal for now instead of five days because I get fatigued if I try five in a row. And I’ve lost a few pounds!

6. Keep up with doctor and dentist appointments

How I’m doing: Well, this is what I was going to tell you. I’ve actually been to the Opthamolgist three times in the past week because of a wierd lump on the white of my eye. It’s not eye strain. It’s probably part of an autoimmune reaction because I had so much stress, illness and travel over the holidays. Have to go to the M.D. next to get a blood test and make sure everything okay. Hopefully it’s not an auto-immune issue. Good thing I’m already making an effort to be more healthy! 

7. Take a monthly day off and just read when most tired

How I’m doing: Been resting on Saturdays, the traditional Jewish day of rest (Sabbath), which is our preference. We usually like to get ready for the next week on Sundays when many people are taking their day of rest. Need to keep this up even with my heavy writing schedule lately.

8. Schedule more “work meetings” with friends ;)

How I’m doing: I’ve got one this weekend. So pretty good. This is a tough month for these. I’ll start schedule for February. 

9. Take more baths

How I’m doing: Could stand to do this more with Epsom Salts. Will shoot for a couple nights a week.

10. Indulge in occasional extras like massages, manicures and pedicures

How I’m doing: Did this last weekend. No worries there. 😉

This is helpful for me. So thanks for listening. I want to make 2008 my year to get healthy!

How about you?


1 Response to “Healthy Habits / Resolutions Update”

  1. 1 Nikki January 11, 2008 at 8:24 pm

    It sounds like you are doing better at yours than I am at mine. I resolved to exercise more too and I renewed my membership with our community gym this week. I am trying to go twice a week but finding it I am only making it once.

    What kinds of exercising are you doing? I am taking two classes, power pilates (which kicks my rear) and tuning ang toning (also kicking my rear with the exercise balls!)

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