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Preditor and Editor Poll Results

[This post updated on 1/17/08–we moved up!]

Here’s the results now that the polls have settled down. This is not final until the winners are announced by Preditors and Editors, but for right now:

1st Place: Christina Katz, “The Write-at-Home Mom,” Best nonfiction article of 2007

3rd Place: Christina Katz, Writers on the Rise, Best Zine/Magazine Editor

3rd Place: Christina Katz (This actually should have been the book cover artist’s name, not mine. Her name is Claudean Wheeler and she rocks!), Writer Mama, How to Raise a Writing Career Alongside Your Kids, Best Cover Art

9th Place: Christina Katz, Writer Mama, How to Raise a Writing Career Alongside Your Kids, Best Author

6th Place: Writers on the Rise, Best Writer’s Resource

5th Place: Sage Cohen, Best Poet


Questions for Starting a Writer Mama Group: Part Two

Meeting format questions:

How can you format the group to support everyone’s success?

Can you use Wendy Burt’s Accountability sheet (from Writer Mama) to check-in and check-out each session?

How will you keep in touch between gatherings?

Will your meetings provide deadlines, critiques or reading out loud?

Will you email work in advance or just show up with writing needing feedback?

I’ll post more questions for Writer Mama Groups to consider this month. There will be four sets of questions in all.

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