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Are You Too Nice?

And even more importantly, is being too nice getting in the way of your success?

I’m not saying be abrupt or rude to the folks in the biz. That’s not what I’m saying at all.

What I am saying, is that sometimes the way we interact with the people we encounter in everyday life will stop our success in its tracks.

Take this quiz to find out if you are even a little bit too nice.

And then come back and tell us: Are you too nice and is being too nice getting in the way of your success?


Monday Forecast: Snow?

School was canceled today for a threat of snow. Here’s hoping! 🙂

Samantha and the dogs would be thrilled. My husband is home (because he’s a teacher) and doesn’t mind the wet and cold. So, come on snow!

Let’s see, I have three deadlines, two zines to edit/post, and my book deadline to juggle this week…no problem, right?

Please check out the “pages” that come with this blog. See those little tabs up above? I recently added one called “Markets.” Anything else you’d like to see up there?

It’s six a.m. and time to get to work! Have a productive week, mamas!

P.S. Only ONE spot left in the Writing and Publishing the Short Stuff Class that begins on February 13th.

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