Crib Notes: Real Life, Real Love

Abigail GreenBy Abigail Green

Heidi Klum is starting to get on my nerves. You’re probably thinking, “Huh? What does the internationally famous supermodel, host of ‘Project Runway,’ and mother of three who is married to the sexy recording artist Seal have to do with YOU?!” The answer is nothing, except that Heidi is a regular reminder that my life as a working mom is far less romantic and effortless than hers.

See, Heidi and Seal have been popping up all over the media lately—proclaiming their love for each other on “Oprah,” holding hands in magazine photos, beaming at each other on the red carpet. For them, every day is Valentine’s Day. In case you missed it, Seal proposed to Heidi by building an igloo, decking it out with rose petals and champagne, and secretly whisking his bride-to-be there in a helicopter! In interviews, he has said that Heidi is his best friend and that despite having small children and wildly successful careers, he makes it a point to always put her first.

Now, I’m guessing Heidi and Seal don’t pick up their own dry-cleaning. Even so, I’m wondering how they have the energy to be so romantic. In my house, champagne and roses are in short supply. Raising a child, working, and sometimes mopping up the flooded basement take precedence over romance. Who can hold hands when you’re wrestling a toddler into his pajamas? And champagne would just impair my ability to match up the sippy cups with the correct lids.

Some days I see my husband only in 20-minute increments: before he goes to work, during the post-work hand-off before I go to the gym or upstairs to work on a writing assignment, and after the baby goes to bed before we collapse in exhaustion.

We do plan the occasional date night, but when it comes to shelling out hard-earned money on dinner and a sitter or on a much-needed home repair, the house usually wins. A crayon-clogged toilet’s not going to fix itself. And when it comes to spending time alone together or sleeping, sleep usually wins. Boy, Heidi and Seal have nothing on us, huh?

Of course, it’s easy to be spontaneous and romantic when you’re rich and famous. Heck, Oprah probably baby-sits for them herself!

Personally, I feel one of the most loving gestures my husband can make is to take our son swimming on Saturday mornings so I can have a few hours to myself, or take over baths and bedtime stories when I’m on deadline, or whip up a batch of vegetarian chili that will feed us all week when I have no time to cook. And when it comes right down to it, I’ll take a foot rub over a rose-petal-strewn igloo any day. Hear that, Heidi?


Abigail Green is a freelance writer in Baltimore. Over the past 10 years, she has written for national, regional and online publications including AOL, AAA World, Bride’s, Baltimore Magazine, Cooking Light and Health. Her latest project is raising her first child, which she chronicles in her blog Diary of a New Mom


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