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Self-care for Mom Writers: February is for Fantasies

Amy MercerBy Amy Mercer

Love is in the air and just because we’re knee deep in the motherhood trenches doesn’t mean we can’t spend some time with cupid! Taking care of ourselves means getting as well as giving love. Sex adds a glow to our skin, burns calories, and raises dopamine levels. Give love and it will come back to you. We are much more than Desperate Housewives; we are smart, sexy writer mamas.

Here’s some tips for taking good care of you:

  1. Remember reading Forever by Judy Blume in the back of the school bus? Put away your “How To” writing books and snuggle down with a romance novel.
  2. Compose a love letter to or from one of your male fiction characters.
  3. Write a steamy sex scene and show it to your husband, ask his advice on the details.
  4. Rent Out Of Africa, An Officer and a Gentleman or Dirty Dancing.
  5. Pull down your box of love letters, journals, and diaries from when you were young and in love for the first time. Remind yourself of how that felt.

Amy S. Mercer is a freelance writer living in Charleston, SC with her husband and two sons. Her writing has been published in skirt! Magazine, Literary Mama, Diabetes Forecast and A Cup of Comfort for Writers. Amy is Blog Editor for Literary Mama and Associate editor for The Writer Mama Zine. More at Dreaming About Water.


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