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Please, Discuss…But Mind the Copyright

Dear Mamas,

I love it when I see that mamas around the Net are reviewing, plugging and otherwise praising Writer Mama. Seriously, nothing warms the cockles of my heart more. When you have devoted over a year of seriously hard work to a project, you really, really want to move readers. So thank you, everyone!

I have a concern, however,  and it has to do with appropriate copyright. Please, don’t forget to give appropriate credit where it is due, which means:

If you pull a selection of words from Writer Mama you need to cite it with the full title, full name of the author (that’s me), publisher name, and publication date.

For my book, a full citation looks like this:

Writer Mama, How to Raise a Writing Career Alongside Your Kids, Christina Katz (Writers Digest Books 2007)

Or you can write it more conversationally like this:

Writer’s Digest Books published, Writer Mama by Christina Katz… (you don’t have to give the date unless it’s a formal citing).

Simply linking back to this blog by way of citation isn’t the same. After all, this blog didn’t write Writer Mama. 😉

And even though my online identity is “Writer Mama” or “the Writer Mama,” or “writer mama” or whatever, keep in mind that I wrote the book with a ton of assistance.

When you give a full credit using all the formal names, we all get the acknowlegement we deserve.

Thanks so much for listening. I truly appreciate all of your support.


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