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The Birds Return

If you are snow-bound, I apologize for this post. But I just have to write about the taste of Spring (!!!) that we are getting here in Oregon.

We live on an  fertile stretch of land known as the Willamette Valley that goes all the way from the Washington/Oregon border to Eugene.

What that means is you can actually garden here all year round. I’ve seen some college friends do it in Eugene with the assistance of plastic tarps. Amazing!

For days I’ve been hearing birds twitter, not just in the morning but throughout the day. After a long, gray winter (which actually has not been all that bad) it’s so lovely to glimpse a few subtle signs of Spring.

Especially, when you have spent months computer bound, working hard on your next book! The other day, I got the bird feeder out and Samantha scooped in the bird seed. Yesterday, the finches were feeding!

How could something so simple be so exciting? Perhaps this explains why bird watching is such a popular hobby these days.

My friend Carol Frishman has written a book on the topic  I want to suggest to all of you bird-lovers out there. It’s called:

Attracting and Feeding Backyard Birds By Carol Frischmann

You can visit her site here.

Happy almost Spring, mamas!


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