No Brainer of the Week: Stock Up On Forever Stamps Now

Typically, I like to use pretty or fun stamps for snail mail. But when I heard about Forever Stamps, available at a US Post Office near you, I scooped up a hundred of those suckers.

What’s a Forever stamp? That’s what I wanted to know too.

Postal prices are going up, which is always a bit of a hassle. But this time, according to the US Postal Service…

A First-Class Mail stamp will be 42¢. Customers can continue to use the Forever Stamps that they purchased prior to May 12 at 41¢, even after the price change. We will have 5 billion Forever Stamps in stock to meet increased demand before the price change. Forever Stamps are widely available through Post Offices, Contract Postal Units, consignment locations, Automated Postage Centers, vending, and at The Postal Store®. We also will have a 62¢ stamp available shortly after May 12 for 1-ounce nonmachinable First-Class Mail letters, such as square greeting cards.

Really, Forever Stamps are not just about saving a penny per stamp. They are about not having to get your mail back in May. And as Martha would say, that’s a good thing.

An article in last year said don‘t invest in Forever Stamps. Clearly the writer is not a multitasking mom. 🙂

Unfortunately, I was not as lucky when I picked up my International Stamps for friends and family abroad. In fact, I just realized while writing this post that I’ll need to add those darn 1¢ stamps four times for International mail.

View all the price increases here.

And note to self: Stop buying square greeting cards. 🙂


2 Responses to “No Brainer of the Week: Stock Up On Forever Stamps Now”

  1. 1 April March 20, 2008 at 12:50 pm

    I love them. I have been meaning to stock up and haven’t yet. The last time I mailed something to the US it was 93 cents. Everytime the cost goes up, it’s a big jump. (I live in Canada) Permenant stamps would come in especially handy for mailing to the US. And just about every year now stamps for within Canada go up by a cent. So stocking up on a TON, would mean nice savings in the future. I am very careful about what I snail mail these days.

  1. 1 How much money do I need » Blog Archive » No Brainer of the Week: Stock Up On Forever Stamps Now Trackback on March 20, 2008 at 10:04 am
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