What a week!

This has been a hectic week of wrapping up old classes, starting new classes and finishing up and turning in the 2007 taxes.

I wasn’t entirely happy with the way the latter turned out, so I’ve vowed to learn from this year and take what I’ve learned into next year.

Even though, and I swear this is true, I find tax prep to be kind of fun. (What a geek!)

So, after a busy week that started on Sunday, I am regrouping today. It’s something I don’t do often enough, because it can eat up an amazing amount of time (like all day, so far).

But there’s just something in the air lately whispering regroup, regroup! Don’t put it off. Have you noticed it too?

So that’s what I’m up to. As well as rounding up every last stray e-mail that needs responding to since I went on Spring break. (Hello! That was weeks ago.)

If there is one thing I have learned as a writer mama, it’s that when it rains, it typically pours. I’ve had a deluge of work since I got back accompanied by a deluge of unplanned requests for my time. So what do I do? I just plow through.

Today, I am looking at all the ways I can better arrange my office, calendar and life, so as better manage my ever expanding workload.

Next week is blocked off for rewrites of Get Known Before the Book Deal. Yahoo!

And if none of this helps. That’s it. I’m hiring an assistant.

If not an assistant then maybe a mother’s helper.

Don’t those sound nice? We’ll see.

Back to moving my enormous desk closer to the window.

Happy weekend, mamas!


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