Dear Writer Mamas,

Well, it official. I’m a stage mom.

“My baby” has official left the baby hood and joined the ranks of “kids.”

Kids with busy school schedules. Kids with social calendars. Kids with activities. That kid has become my kid.

Only I don’t worry about overscheduling. Because I’m letting activities be an extension of what is. After all, busy isn’t love. Love is love. And fun is pretty darn close.

Since Samantha already thinks she is living in a musical (constant singing, dancing and dressing up), we let her try out for her dad’s summer production of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. And along with about ten other little kids she was cast.

This is not a kid’s play, of course. So “my baby” is making her big debut as…a townsperson. Rather, a townkid in the 1850s.

Since, speaking figuratively, I’m a Theater Widow throughout the school year while my husband produces and directs show after show, by having Samantha in the play, we actually get to see Daddy more than we otherwise would this summer.

Smart mommy.

And if you haven’t gotten to the active kid phase yet, just wait. There is a whole world of activities out there for our kids. And oh, the things we mothers will put ourselves through for our families. Whether you are a soccer mom, a little-league mom, a martial arts mom, a dance mom, or a chess club mom, I’m sure you can relate. Multiply the responsibility by however many kids you have and that adds up to a whole lot of time in the car shuttling.

I think I’d better charge up the ol’ laptop. As much as I love being in my newly redecorated home office, I’ll be away from it more this summer. But I’m going to approach it all like a writing adventure.

If I can just get the songs out of my head…which is unlikely.

The good news, in a culture that would have our kids activitied to death, is that as the mom, you get the final word. You know your child best and it’s all your call. So, despite the fact that I might think Samantha might love swimming, soccer and dance, as well, I think we’ll wait and see how one commitmemt goes. And then take it from there.

In the writing-for-publication spirit,

Christina Katz
The Writer Mama

P.S. I haven’t forgotten about those of you who volunteered to write reviews, but I lost my reviews editor before we had a chance to get started. So, this summer, I will have time to pick that ball back up and run with it. But I’m booked through the end of May. Sorry for any inconvenience!


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  1. 1 Coffee Jitters May 4, 2008 at 11:37 pm

    congratulations to the kiddo – and good job coming up with an activity that daddy and daughter can share. should be the source of some great memories.

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