Marco, The Musical! Don’t Miss It!

Jason and I dashed Samantha over to a friends and then zipped up into the city to see the fabulous Marc Acito perform Marco, The Musical!

Actually, we zipped a bit too much and overshot our turn. Someone who knows please tell me why men get so upset about getting lost?

Fortunately, I finally asked my (exhausted, so I cut him some slack) husband to please stop so I could ask a nice fellow who was loading his bike into his car (this is Portland after all) where we went wrong.

And, what do you know, we got there. On time and everything. (Honey, I hope you are reading this but somehow I think you are too busy with your play that opens this week.)

Anyway. We got there. And we were so glad we did. Even Jason has to admit that it was totally worth getting slightly lost for the pleasure of an evening of laughing uproariously.

My absolute favorite part was a song that Mark sang (and wrote, I imagine) called, “I’ll be there for you.”

OMG, hilarious! I was dying!

So, my dear reader. If you live in any of the following places, I hope you will cancel all of your plans and make an evening of enjoying time with Marc Acito: [These dates edited on May 5th to just the list of “singing,” complete list of appearances here.]

Seattle – Elliott Bay Book Co; May 6 at 6pm (book “singing”)

LA – A Different Light Books; May 7 at 7pm (book “singing”)

NYC – Barnes & Noble; May 12 at 7pm

Menlo Park, NJ – Barnes & Noble; May 13 at 7pm

Beaverton – Borders; May 20 at 7pm (book “singing”)

Cannot WAIT to read Attack of the Theater People. I will definitely post an Amazon review as soon as I do.

I hope you will read it and post a review too. And definitely see Marc, if you get a chance.

We all need to laugh uproariously sometimes.

If you just can’t make it to an appearance, you can always read Marc’s hilarious blog or just check out his Hair Museum at his website.

Go, Marc! Hope to see you on the bestseller list soon.


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