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Join an Interesting Discussion About Appropriate Marketing and Self Promotion

We’ve kicked off an interesting discussion on what is appropriate for writers when it comes to marketing and self-promotion over at Jane Friedman’s blog:

There are no rules

Come on over and add your two cents!

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

(And now excuse me while I go look up the word “Egregious”…)


Writer Mamas Rock Their Platforms

A few outstanding strides in targeting best audiences have come to my attention of late. I hope I can remember them all, but it’s unlikely, so if you don’t see your success here and you are a reader or former student, please post yours on the “success” page.

(See it? It’s right up there…see the tabs?)

Tiffani Hill-Patterson is writing on the topics of parenting and hearing loss. Her article “From World of Silence to High-tech Hearing” appeared today in The Huntsville Times. Her blog is

Cindy Hudson has a great new blog banner for her Mother-Daughter Book Club blog and site.

Jean Van’t Hul continues to offer a solid-platform blog for “artful parents.” And does she ever! If this blog doesn’t make you want to get crafty, nothing will!

Writer Mama columnist, Abigail Green’s blog just keeps on kickin’ for all your new moms and moms to be. Check out her latest on our the media’s fixation with celebrity bumps. She’ll be teaching a personal essay class in place of Sage Cohen that will start on August 20th. (I still need to update the classes page and will holler when I do.)

And Megan Pincus Kajitani started blogging over at Inside Higher Ed as part of her participation in the forthcoming Mama PhD.

A bunch of smart mamas, alright! Go, mamas!

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