“Good morning, Mommy” music to my ears: My LA Trip

I had a wonderful, though swift, trip to Los Angeles this week in the midst of wrapping up two classes, starting a new class (Craft a Saleable Nonfiction Book Proposal starts Wednesday), finishing my rewrite of Get Known Before the Book Deal and juggling a lot of personal/home details.

Here’s the abrreviated recap:

Getting on the road: This is always the hardest part for me (see my earlier post on the speed bumps of leaving home). But typically, once I get dropped off at the airport, assuming I didn’t forget anything, I can finally relax and enjoy my trip. This trip was no exception. And may I take this opportunity to say that Portland, Oregon has one of the nicest airports you will ever see.

Flying: I adore flying. Some of my best ideas come to me on airplanes. Once air-bound, I can thoroughly relax and enjoy myself. I can’t address the pile of laundry or dishes in the sink from thousands of feet in the air, so I get to chill out instead. (I typically peruse People magazine, a treat reserved for visits to the chiropractor at home.)

Arriving in LA: When LA photographer Mark Bennington was here, I teased him about living in LA. But after my trip, I feel contrite. My LA experience was so wonderful and so thoroughly enjoyable that I want to shout from the rooftops: “Don’t judge LA by the traffic jams!” (However, a few locals did comment on the stress related to bad traffic and congestion, something that is easier to forgive when you are just there for a few days.)

Bad Habit: When I am presenting I absolutely need peace and quiet to prepare myself the night before. On other trips with my family along, this has proven difficult. I am a presentation tweaker. I will stay up way too late the night before tweaking and re-tweaking my presentation. Usually with positive results…which is why this has become a “bad” habit. I’m tired the next day but I can’t sleep well in hotels by myself anyway, no matter how wonderful they are. My hotel on this trip was brand new and the nicest I’ve seen. We’re talkin’ gorgeous! And right on Sunset Boulevard, where yes, I did indeed bump into a celebrity. To respect her privacy, I won’t say where.

Rolling computer bag ideas? I need a rolling bag for my computer that is compact enough to use as a carry-on and hold my other plane items. Does anyone have any suggestions? I hurt my shoulder dragging around my Mac laptop every time I speak. Surely there’s got to be a better way…anyone?

Stay tuned…more to come!


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  1. 1 Megan June 10, 2008 at 6:02 pm

    It’s amazing how sensitive they are — but a testament to their healthy attachment to us that they get so upset when we leave! I’ve had some evening meetings the last two weeks and my daughter is really thrown for a loop all day — even though all she misses is the last hour of the day with me! Not easy, but again, I take it as a good sign that they want us around them every moment — which likely will not last forever! 😉

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