Book Birth Announcement: The Belated Baby, Parenting After Infertility by Kelly James-Enger and Jill S. Browning

You’re finally a parent—or about to be one. If you’ve dealt with infertility along the way, however, your parenting experience will likely be impacted by that. Ask anyone who’s encountered infertility and she’ll tell you how it changed her for the worse, for the better—and forever. Infertility affects your self-esteem, your relationships with your significant other and your family.

On the outside, you look like any other parent. But on the inside, you still feel different.
Maybe you worry about your baby more than “normal,” or feel you’re not entitled to complain about the frustration and confusion that all new sleep-deprived parents experience. You may feel isolated from other parents, to whom everything seems to come so easily. You feel guilty or heartsick if you ever fail to live up to your own parenting expectations. You feel blessed at last to be a parent, but exhausted and overwhelmed too—and you didn’t expect that.

More than seven million women in America alone struggle with infertility, but most go on to become parents, through fertility treatments ranging from Clomid to in vitro fertilization to surrogacy or through adoption. We both did. We’re Jill and Kelly, the owners of this site, and the moms of our own “belated babies.” We’ve realized that our experience as parents has been colored by our infertility experience as well. In talking to other “post-infertility parents,” we found that our feelings were shared by many others.

That’s why we decided to write The Belated Baby: A Guide to Parenting after Infertility. The book will let you know that you’re not alone—and you’re not crazy. It will help guide you through the transition of infertility patient or hopeful adoptive parent to parenthood. If you’re still “trying,” it offers encouragement that there’s happiness and life after infertility. The foreword is written by well-known actress Brenda Strong (Desperate Housewives), who experienced infertility and is a spokesperson for the American Fertility Association.

In Belated Baby, you’ll learn more about the emotional impact of infertility on your role as a parent, how to maintain your bond with your partner, and how to strengthen relationships with family and friends. You’ll also hear from dozens of other infertility veterans and get advice about career and financial issues, dealing with secondary infertility, and deciding how (and whether) to share your family’s unique story.

The book’s overall message? While infertility shouldn’t be wished on anyone, parents who have been through it are more grounded, grateful and wiser as a result. We’re (b)elated mommies and daddies, and we never forget it.


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  1. 1 Jen June 23, 2008 at 3:04 pm

    WOW. This Book Birth Announcement for The Belated Baby described me perfectly. After trying for years, suffering through endometriosis and laparoscopic surgery…I finally got pregnant with Eva, now 2. I wasn’t about to put off trying for a second baby and was fortunately and quickly blessed with Vincent, 10 mos. Now, I need your book and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Wondeful idea and I’m glad your book has been born. Congrats! She’s lovely and I can’t wait to meet her! 🙂

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