Blast From the Bloggy Past: July 2007

Still loving the magenta wall in my office…although my desk is new (from IKEA) and over by the windows now

The ever-embarrassing 8 Random Things About Me post.

How interesting! A year ago, the Market books from Writer’s Digest were just getting their own sites. Now they each have their own blog too. Go to last year’s post for the sites and here’s the link to all of the new Writer’s Digest blogs. They are all really helpful (especially my editor’s, There Are No Rules). And this fall, I’ll be a guest blogger on The M-Word.

Indeed, Chuck Sambuchino invited me to participate in the 2008 Guide to Literary Agents. Soon to be replaced by the 2009 Guide to Literary Agents. Ah well, I had my year in the sun. Congrats to whomever is in the latest!

Well, I have to say, looking back a year is really fun and interesting! I was offering gold stars to the authors of posts and articles I like, and now I finally have the badge to go with the honor! In fact, I’ll be handing those out to those who earned them later on tonight. (Look for the post later this week.)

Looks like last year I wasn’t afraid to promote Writers on the Rise in all of its excellence. And guess what? The e-zine is even better than ever! Check it out for yourself here.

Interesting. A year ago, I had a lot to say about Connecting vs. Networking. And I continued to have more to say in Get Known Before the Book Deal (coming in October!).

I’m going to pull this book back down off the shelf again. I really want to order Eric Maisel’s book, Writer’s Space. And I simply must resubscribe to Mary Engelbrieit’s magazine, Home Companion. It’s so inspiring!

Hmm. Last year I set the expectation for the Best Willamette Writers Conference ever! But this year I’m a lunch speaker, so I might need to amend that. 🙂 Are you coming? I’d love to see you there!

Have you taken a moment to go back and reread your blog from last year? I highly recommend it! 🙂


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