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Blast From the Bloggy Past: August 2007 (Warning—Long and rambling post, some nostalgia involved)

Hey, this was a helpful idea I had: Pitching Primer for Writers Conferences

Here are some of my thoughts on traveling and motherhood.

I created my own blog badge for the Writer Mama Back to School Giveaway last year and let’s face it…it didn’t look so good. But this year, I got help from a real designer whose identity I will be happy to reveal when we are done working on design for all of my sites (until then, it’s a secret!)

That was then…

This is now…

Last year, I shared comments from former students on my Pitching Practice class. This year, I’m preparing to teach Platform 101: Discover Your Specialty. And once again, I have a few comments from former students:

[Discover Your Specialty] helped me to see the “big picture” of my writing career. I learned how to position myself as a writer with a “specialty” that I can transfer to many different writing markets and venues.

~ Jenny K.

I found Christina’s enthusiasm energizing. She attended to my personal emails promptly, which really helped when I felt stuck or confused.

~ Jessica SC

Christina pushed me to find my true motivation and to take a hard look at my writing and its direction. Because of that, I’ve learned to combine my two great loves – family and writing – into one great career.

~ Tiffani H-P

Bummer. Last year at this time, I was receiving books for the giveaway. That was so fun! But this year, everyone is shipping direct. I am being practical, I suppose, but I get a lot less party in my mailbox as a result. 😦

I shared 12 Ways to Take Your Writing Career to the Next Level (That Don’t Involve Writing).

Wow. This looking back one year is so spooky. One year ago this week, I was just announcing my book deal for Get Known (I didn’t disclose the topic though).

And now look at it, all growed up. Amazing. I’m still wiping the sweat from my brow and it’s almost out!

When I got back from Whidbey Island last summer, I wrote about multi-tasking as something that happens right after a trip. But what I neglected to write about is something that Lindsay Maines wrote about recently in her blog Rock & Roll Mama: being a “lazy unpacker.” AKA my tendency to take forever to empty my suitcase after I get back home.

Are we the only mamas who do this? Thanks for writing about it, Lindsay, I am not alone! Maybe we are just in shock because of all chaos that we find when we walk back in the door? That’s my story anyway. And I’m sticking to it.

Suddenly, while writing this, it occurred to me. Isn’t it time for Whidbey again? That must mean…Yup! Sure enough, Marc Acito is up there having an adventure right now. What do authors do when they find a swell presenting gig? We recommend our author-friends. It’s kinda fun to know he’s up there. It really was/is an adventure.

Which reminds me of another full-circle coincidence. I was interviewed last week for a magazine called Northwest Magazine. And last year at this time, I met the publisher at the ferry on my way from Port Townsend to Whidbey. Where is all of this serendipity coming from?

Oh me, oh my, I think it’s only fitting to conclude my round up from last year with the Writer Mama Back-to-School Giveaway “Da Rules.” They worked so well, why wouldn’t I just use them again? I hope they whet your appetite to participate in the giveaway…and speaking of…I’ve got my work cut out for me.

Please, help me get ready by spreading the news!


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