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Writer Mama Back-to-School Giveaway: The September 2008 Final List of Daily Prizes

(Subject to change, but here goes…!)

Week One: Books that come with Cool Stuff!

Day one: Chicken a la King & the Buffalo Wing by Steven Gilbar, Fix, Freeze, Feast cookbook by Kati Neville & Lindsay Tkacsik & Writer Mama BBQ Apron from Café Press (one winner)

Day two: The Writer Mama Gift Set from Ninth Moon (one winner)

Day three: The Shy Writer by Hope Clark & Wooden “Writer at Work” Doorhanger from Ninth Moon (one winner)

Day four: The Travel Writer’s Collection from Ninth Moon and Writer Mama baseball hat (one winner)

Day five: 1001 Books for Every Mood by Hallie Ephron & Writer Mama Tote Bag (one winner)

Day six: Writer Mama by Christina Katz, Writer Mama Creative Manifesto mouse pad, Writer Mama wall clock (one winner)

[SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Writer Mama Scholarship Applications accepted from 9/6 – 9/14 for the October Writing & Publishing the Short Stuff Class]

Day seven: A Writer’s Space Collection from Ninth Moon Writer Mama Creative Manifesto Throw Pillow (one winner)

Week Two: Get Juiced Up to Write

Day eight: The Write-brain Workbook by Bonnie Neubauer

Day nine: Freelancing for Newspapers by Sue Lick

Day ten: Writer’s Digest Weekly Planner by the Writer’s Digest Editors

Day eleven: The Daily Writer by Fred White

Day twelve: Pep Talks, Warnings & Screeds by George Singleton, illustrated by Daniel Wallace

Day thirteen: Four copies of A Cup of Comfort for Writers with essays by Sage Cohen, Samantha Ducloux Waltz, Amy Mercer, and Lisa Romeo (four winners from these four contributors)

Day fourteen: One-year subscription to Writer’s Digest magazine

Week Three: Fiction Fireworks Week

Day fifteen: Two special edition hardcover copies of Make a Scene by Jordan Rosenfeld (two winners)

Day sixteen: The Mind of Your Story by Lisa Lenard-Cook

Day seventeen: Manuscript Makeover by Elizabeth Lyon

Day eighteen: Write Great Fiction: Plot & Structure & Write Great Fiction: Revision & Self-Editing by James Scott Bell

Day nineteen: First Draft in 30 Days & From First Draft to Finished Novel by Karen Wiesner (one winner)

Day twenty: Writing the Breakout Novel & Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook by Donald Maass (one winner)

Day twenty-one: 2009 Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market by Rachel McDonald

Week Four: The Grand Finale

Day twenty-two: Get Known Before the Book Deal by Christina Katz (three winners)

[SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: First Day of Fall Get Known Before the Book Deal Amazon Spike Day!]

Day twenty-three: Ready, Aim, Specialize by Kelly James-Enger

Day twenty-four: The Renegade Writer by Linda Formichelli and Diana Burrell

Day twenty-five: The Renegade Writer Queries that Rock by Linda Formichelli and Diana Burrell

Day twenty-six: The Writer’s Digest Guide to Queries by Wendy Burt Thomas (available December 2008)

Day twenty-seven: Page After Page & Chapter After Chapter by Heather Sellers

Day twenty-eight: One-year subscription to

Day twenty-nine: 2009 Guide to Literary Agents by Chuck Sambuchino

Day thirty: 2009 Deluxe Writer’s Market by Robert Brewer

Be here on Monday (or as soon as you get back from your long weekend), so you won’t miss out on any of the fun!


2008 Writer Mama Back-to-School Giveaway: “Da Rules”

The Giveaway starts at 12:01 a.m. on September 1, 2008 and runs through midnight on September 30, 2008, with at least one new prize each day (some days more than one!). Hope you can come on by. Please read these rules before you start participating:

1. You must comment to the post that describes the daily prize(s) you want to win, in order to be entered into the drawing for that day. No exceptions. Please be sure to comment to the correct post. The comment link is located just under the post title. Your comment will be posted after it is approved (usually within a few hours after you post…unless I am sleeping).

2. You may comment only once per day (and therefore be entered to win once per day). But you may comment every day, for sure. If you make a spelling or grammatical error in your post, just let it go. Don’t comment twice to correct it. Winners are selected by random drawing, so don’t worry. A typo will not eliminate you. 🙂

3. All comments must answer the question of the day, which will be posted each day with the giveaway item(s). In other words, no drive-by commenting. As a writing instructor, I could not resist a “teaching opportunity,” so all questions will relate to discovering more about ourselves as writers. However, answering the questions will only take a few moments out of your busy day, so thanks for being thoughtful. Your post must be between 50-200 words or it will not be approved. (Use Word Count in Microsoft Word if you want to be sure you have enough words.)

4. Comment to win beginning on September 1st at 00:01 a.m. PST and continue to comment each day for 30 days for maximum chances to win. Each day’s drawing closes at midnight (12:00) PST. The winner is chosen by random drawing the next day.

5. Please allow 1-2 months for delivery of your item. Some items shipped directly from the author, some are shipped from elsewhere, some are shipped from the publisher (so please be patient). Prizes will only be shipped to United States locations. You may participate if you live abroad and have your own US mailing address. And yes, sure. If you have a friend who loves you so much that he/she is willing to ship your books from the US to you elsewhere in the world, that is fine.

6. There are two (2) ways to win:

a. WIN THE DAILY PRIZE (OR PRIZES!): You may be selected as the day’s winner through a random drawing held from the pool of folks who comment for the listed items each day during September. Only posts that answer the day’s question will be considered. Your post must be between 50-200 words or it will not be part of those in the running to win.

b. INSPIRE AND ENCOURAGE FELLOW WRITER MAMAS: You can be selected as one of three most inspirational contest participants for the month by sharing your writing and publishing success stories and tips in your comments. So go ahead, inspire us with your posts! The three most frequently inspiring writers selected on October 1st will each win signed copies of Get Known Before the Book Deal, Use Your Personal Strengths to Grow an Author Platform and Writer Mama, How to Raise a Writing Career Alongside Your Kids. (You do not need to be a writer mama to win, though it’s a good idea to remember that you are writing for an audience of writer mamas.)

Thanks for spreading the word about The Writer Mama Back-to-School Giveaway! If it’s anything like last year, it’s going to be a ton of fun!

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