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WMBTSG Day Eighteen Drawing: And the winner is…

Stephanie Craig!!!
You have won Plot & Structure and Revision & Self-Editing by James Scott Bell from the Writer’s Digest Write Great Fiction series.


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Please send me your snail mail address at writer mama at earthlink dot net.

Thanks everyone for participating! And don’t worry, there are still 12 chances to win!

Thanks for your help spreading the word about the 2008 Writer Mama Back-to-School Giveaway.

We must be getting closer to the Grand Finale Week!


WMBTSG Day Nineteen (Comment to this post to enter the drawing)

Welcome to day nineteen of the Writer Mama Back-to-School Giveaway. Today’s giveaway is ANOTHER double-header, and again one person will win two great books on fiction writing. The two books are: First Draft in 30 Days & From First Draft to Finished Novel by Karen Wiesner.

About First Draft in 30 Days

In the introduction of First Draft in 30 Days, author Karen Wiesner states, “My 30-day method for outlining a novel eliminates many of the problems that plague fiction writers. Why dig for plots blindly when, with a little preparation, you can craft something worthwhile from start to finish? Why go through countless, lengthly drafts of a novel when you can create an outline so complete that it actually qualifies as the first draft? Why revise hundreds of pages of a complicated manuscript when you can revise a snapshot of your novel that’s a quarter of the novel’s length? Using an outline can significantly reduce the time it takes you to complete a project from start to finish-sometimes by more than half.”

First Draft in 30 Days works for any genre and is easily customizable to your particular approach and style. Wiesner’s game plan and comprehensive, interactive worksheets make the writing process much more enjoyable. Getting ideas out of your head and onto the paper has never been easier with the help of

  • Itemized, flexible schedules to keep you focused each day
  • Completed sample worksheets inspired by best-selling novels
  • Tips for outlining projects already in development
  • Brainstorming techniques to keep you motivated
  • Goal sheets for getting-and keeping-your career on track
  • By following Wiesner’s instruction, you can expect your outline to become a “snapshot” or first full glimpse of your novel. After finishing it, you’ll have the makings of an entire book that you’ll be excited to continue working on. “Because you’ve revised so thoroughly, it will read with all the completeness and excitement of a finished novel,” says Wiesner. “Using your outline as you write the first draft of your book should be so easy, you might even feel a little guilty about it. You will have done all the hard work creating the outline.”

    What’s the Catch? You must have self-discipline. Despite the flexibility of the 30-day method, you must make a commitment to do your part. The book is broken down into ten chapters and four appendices. The majority of the book (Chapters 2 through 7) will take you step by step through the six principle stages of the 30-day method. Each is broken down into a certain number of days during which different segments of your outline are developed and revised. Chapter 9 will guide you through the process of using your completed outline to write your manuscript. Chapter 10 contains goal sheets to help you stay focused as you move through each of your projects.

    If you want clear direction from start to finish, you’ll want to read the book from front to back. If you’re satisfied with your own way of writing, simply choose the parts that will enhance your talent.

  • From First Draft to Finished Novel
    A Writer’s Guide to Cohesive Story Building

    by Karen S. Wiesner
    Writer’s Digest Books, 2008
    ISBN 978-1-58297-551-1
    $19.99 paperback, 272 pages

    Build a fully developed, multi-layered story from the ground up! Writing a story is not that much different than building a house. Both require some brainstorming (to provide a clear vision), a blueprint or outline (to lay a solid foundation upon which that vision can be built), building or drafting (to make the vision a reality), and decorating or revising (to polish the masterpiece and make it presentable to the public).

    In From First Draft to Finished Novel, novelist Karen S. Wiesner carefully explores each of these stages, showing you how to:

    • Create a quick outline to help organize and expand your original idea
    • Develop a detailed Story Plan Checklist to solidify your story’s details
    • Combine and effectively use tools like your outline and story checklist to weave together a cohesive draft
    • Put together a strong query letter and submission package

    This book also features exclusive worksheets, checklists, and detailed examples designed to help you:

    • Improve your outlining techniques through the use of character, plot, and setting sketches
    • Write a strong Story Plan Checklist that ensures your characters evolve and your plot progresses
    • Develop your editing skills using revision and “punch” checklists

    Whether you’re working on a new story or a project in development, From First Draft to Finished Novel is your blueprint to a story readers won’t be able to resist.

    About the Author
    Karen S. Wiesner is an accomplished author who has published fifty-six books in the past ten years and has eleven more releases forthcoming spanning many categories and formats. Karen’s books have been nominated for and/or won sixty-eight awards, and they cover such genres as women’s fiction, romance, mystery/police procedural/cozy, suspense, paranormal, futuristic, gothic, inspirational, thriller, horror, and action/adventure. She also writes children’s books, poetry, and writing reference titles such as her bestseller, First Draft in 30 Days, available from Writer’s Digest Books.

    Read an interview with Karen S. Wiesner at Writer’


    Today’s question:

    Ever considered writing a novel in 30 days? Ever tried it? Interested now? What do you fear would prevent you from getting through a first draft?

    If this is your first post in the giveaway, please read “Da Rules.”

    You may post your comments until midnight PST on September 19th.

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