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Want to get known for all the “right” reasons? Here’s my top twelve tips:

You will become influential for all the right reasons and stand out in a crowded marketplace when you…

  1. Clarify the expertise you have to offer.
  2. Carve out your distinct niche among the throngs doing similar work.
  3. Align your offerings with what your audience needs and wants.
  4. Accept the current industry realities and communicate with professionalism and poise.
  5. Learn to see yourself from the point-of-view of seasoned gatekeepers in the industry.
  6. Take 100% responsibility for your writing career, while partnering with impeccable others.
  7. Invite and incorporate input from the most qualified sources, including your readers.
  8. Stay competitive by evolving with the times and respond in a timely manner to areas that can benefit from improvement.
  9. Keep an eye on future trends while staying firmly grounded in the moment.
  10. Allow your platform development to be an integrated, authentic and organic process that increases your visibility as your good intentions take root, grow and bear fruit.
  11. Make good things happen in your own career and in the careers of others.
  12. Trust your gut. It always tells the truth.
View my list of “Platform Superheroes” over at the Get Known website:

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