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Dear Writer Mamas (Nov/Dec Issue of the TWM),

No matter what your political stance, I think everyone is hoping that the New Year will bring some changes for the better. For many families, the near future is looking pretty bleak. So, it’s up to the rest of us, who find ourselves afloat in difficult times to offer cheer to the folks who are feeling down.

From the point-of-view of writers, specifically writers who wish to become traditionally published, I want to say that things are not necessarily in crisis, but the industry is going through some major changes right now that make competition for paying jobs more fierce. A fresh wave of former industry insiders have been released into the freelance marketplace and that means that professionalism and poise (two things I discuss in detail in Writer Mama) are more important than ever.

Another key strategy, diversifying what you offer without losing your laser focus is also extremely important. This is a topic I’ve covered in detail in my latest book, Get Known Before the Book Deal. If you are wondering: How am I going to stay competitive in 2009? I suggest reading Get Known and doing the exercises. If you have not identified your specific strengths and uncovered your niche topics, it can be very difficult to navigate these publishing waters in such rapidly evolving times.

I wrote my books to serve as tools for professional development for writers. When I was writing them, I could not have foreseen the economic downturn we are experiencing now. But I’m happy to say that my books have never been more relevant because the premise of each is to help writers be more strategic and leave less to chance.

So, if you are thinking that you have to give over your writing dreams because of the grim news on the radio or television, I would hang on a sec. Take a step back. And do some planning and preparing for a fresh approach in the New Year. Why not take advantage of the reflection time the colder months offer?

Of course, be practical in the short run and take care of the primary needs calling for your attention right now. But darker times don’t mean give up your dreams. Darker times help us reevaluate and get clear on what really matters. If your writing dream really matters to you but you are going through a hard time, don’t give it up.

Create a plan to roll out in the New Year, no matter how part-time, in which you will not settle for anything less than success. The measure of your success rests on the clarity and determination of your intentions. I feel pretty confident that I am offering books, classes and coaching that can help mom writers do just that.

I am not promising instant results or overnight success. If you are still hoping to get these from a writing career, please forget it. This is a slow and steady kind of career. More like a regular garden than a Chia Pet. More like a tree than a flower. A career that rewards the tenacious and resilient.

If you are realistic and you set reasonable, do-able goals, I can help you chart a path towards success. I’ve spent ten years getting ready to be of assistance to writers just like you. I’ve always been invested in seeing the people I work with succeed. And I am always thrilled when they do.

And speaking of success stories, I want to take a moment to congratulate Cindy Hudson, who is a great example of a writer who has worked steadily and realistically towards success. And as a result, her very first book Bonding Through Books: The Complete Guide to Creating Mother-Daughter Book Clubs, has been accepted for publication by Seal Press in 2010.

Please join me in congratulating Cindy over at her blog on the About page. 🙂

In the writing spirit,

Christina Katz


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