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Apply for The Writer Mama Quarterly Scholarship This Week!

Writer Mama Scholarship
VALUE: $199.00!!!
Are you a mom, who would love to take the Writing and Publishing the Short Stuff Class that starts January 14th, but you would not otherwise be able to afford it?

Then you qualify for The Writer Mama Scholarship. 🙂

Application deadline for the next Available Scholarship for the January 14th Writing & Publishing The Short Stuff Class is this coming week!

Now accepting applications through Sunday, December 14th for the January 14th Writing & Publishing the Short Stuff Class.

Applications will be accepted from Saturday, December 6th – Sunday, December 14th, 2009 for the January 14th Writing & Publishing The Short Stuff Class. See details below.

One full scholarship will be granted each quarter.

Please read the guidelines below completely and double-check your application. The recipient will be announced by midnight, Monday, December 15th, in this blog.

Please feel free to spread the word about the scholarship, even if you do not intend to apply. 🙂

Only one scholarship is available per WPSS class. This is a full scholarship. The recipient commits to participating fully in the class and delivering all six assignments on time. Please do not apply if you cannot make the commitment to participate in the class.

The scholarship is not transferable if you fail to complete the class. The scholarship is also not transferable in the case of illness, family emergencies, a move, etc.

Please note that this is a scholarship, not a giveaway. Also, the scholarship is only for moms, not soon-to-be moms. Please do not apply if you are pregnant (just trust me on this). The scholarship is offered by Christina Katz. No additional professional time or coaching is offered with the scholarship. It’s up to the scholarship recipient to make the most of the class, like everyone else in the group.

What is written in your application is considered private and will not be shared or sold. The only way to qualify is to apply each time. No one else will view your application.

To learn about future scholarship opportunities (four total next year!), please subscribe to The Writer Mama e-zine in the upper right-hand corner of this blog (click on the envelope glyph).

Applications will be reviewed in the order they are received. Send your application to: “writer mama 2 @ earthlink dot net”. This is the only email address for the scholarship. If you do not receive the scholarship, save your application for future scholarships, and re-apply. But double check the application, it may have changed or been updated.

The application questions are below. Copy and paste the questions into an email (though, for class you must be able to create and read Microsoft Word documents, no exceptions). Your application should not exceed one page in 12-point font, single-spaced in a Microsoft Word document, but please answer each question completely. Please write your application in Word and then transfer the text into an email.

The scholarship recipient will be chosen based on the following criteria: Demonstrated effort, Need, and Enthusiasm as determined by Christina Katz. The most important consideration is demonstrated past effort, so please don’t skimp on details of your past writing efforts.

Applications accepted from U.S. residents only at this time. Thanks for understanding.

Here’s the application (copy and paste it into a Word doc, answer each question fully, do not exceed one page, then copy and paste your final application into an email when you are ready to submit it):

[Begin application form]





Have you read the book, Writer Mama?

How long have you been reading the WM blog?

What version of Microsoft Word software are you currently using?

Have you applied for The Writer Mama Scholarship before?

Write a short paragraph in response to the following questions:

  1. Please write one paragraph about why you want to take the class, Writing and Publishing the Short Stuff.
  2. Please list, in paragraph form by publication name and date only, any publication credits you’ve accumulated thus far . Briefly list any other experience you think is relevant, also in paragraph form.
  3. Please briefly state why you are unable to afford the tuition for the class at this time (see note below).

[End application form]

Please Note: The Writer Mama Scholarship is only for moms who legitimately cannot afford class tuition for whatever reason. So if you work at home, earn money, receive money, or your spouse or partner earns enough money for you to afford the class, please expect to pay full price.

To register for the class as a non-scholarship candidate, please visit the classes page at Next class starts on January 14th. Don’t wait to register, this class fills early.

Post any questions about the scholarship to the comments section but, generally speaking, just do your best and send in your application according to the posted guidelines.

I’m pleased to be able to offer one free class per semester to one deserving mama. Good luck! 🙂


Today is my birthday…and I’m getting older

Yup. It’s true. Send me some wrinkle cream!

And it’s not just me. Celebrities who are the same age as me are starting to look older too.

Sometimes when I see them, I comment to my husband, “Wow. [So-and-so] is looking really old.”

And then I pause and think, UH-OH.

But it really doesn’t matter…cuz I’m happy.

Besides, my daughter thinks Daddy is OLDER than me. (Shhh. He’s actually younger. Like John + Yoko younger.)

These are the little fibs we let our children tell us to ease the woes of aging…for now.

And I have some good role models. I’m happy to report that Robert Downey Jr. (one of my faves) is not getting older…he’s just getting better.

I second that emotion.

And for my birthday, I’d like you to friend me on Facebook.

What? You are not on Facebook yet?


Come on! All the cool (old) kids are doing it!

You’ll find me at:

December Sell-a-bration #5: Not Usually A Networker

By Abigail Green

As a typical introverted writer, I am not a natural networker. So it was with some surprise that I realized that this year much of my work has come from networking.

Since to me that word conjures up anxious situations filled with small-talk and the exchange of business cards, I actually don’t consider what I do networking at all. Rather, I’ve just been doing what does come naturally to me – keeping in touch with former colleagues and friends, reading and commenting on various blogs, sending people links or articles they might find interesting and useful.

The result? A new corporate client, my first acceptance to be published in an anthology, several freelance markets I didn’t know about, and a couple of teaching opportunities. And all these opportunities came to me.

Another thing that’s surprising is that these leads didn’t come from my closest or most well-connected friends. One came from a former boss I haven’t seen in years (yet another reason never to burn bridges!), and another came from someone I’ve only met online.

I have to give myself some of the credit, though – I keep myself open to opportunities that come my way, and I make a point of being polite and professional in all aspects of my work. Still, it’s encouraging that even a networking-averse writer like me can get ahead simply by being myself!

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