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Writer Mama Holiday Gifts to Drop Hints About…

Well, I’m happy to report that Writer Mama has been featured in a couple of holiday gifts for writers lists, including:

The “Write Guide to Holiday Shopping” over at the Writer Inspired blog

And the Wow-WomenOnWriting Holiday Gift Guide (download the PDF when you click on the image)

A woman from overseas, who is not a mama, e-mailed me recently to say that she and a group of friends ordered a bundle of copies of Writer Mama so they could work through the exercises together in 2009. What a great idea!

If I were going to add to the holiday shopping list round up this year, I’d go for the practical stuff:

  • Subscriptions to trade publications like Writer’s Digest, The Writer and Poet’s & Writers.
  • Dues to a professional writing association.
  • Books (like Writer Mama) that cover craft, selling, self-promotion and professional development basics. Other good ones to own (besides mine) include Ready, Aim, Specialize by Kelly James Enger and The Writer’s Digest Guide to Query Letters by Wendy Burt. And I hear this book called Get Known Before the Book Deal is decent too (wink!).
  • And a great class, like those I offer or any referred by a friend who can vouch for the quality of the experience.
  • For stocking stuffers I’m all about the fun stuff: coffee mugs, travel mugs, baseball caps, Life is Good t-shirts, bath and body products in the scent of your choice, and of course, gift cards for Starbucks, iTunes, and your favorite bookstore. Check out the options over at the Writer Mama Cafe Press shop.

If you need more ideas, hop on over to Debbie Ridpath Ohi’s list of holiday gifts for writers, which also offers more lists at the end. Check out her shop too, for wonderful cards and t-shirts.


December Sell-a-bration #9: Writing Fits Her Schedule

By Jennifer Hallissy

I started 2008 awash in morning sickness. Twenty-four-hour-a-day, can’t-keep-anything-down, full-term morning sickness. (You know when the mere sight of water makes you nauseous, you’re in trouble.) On top of the puking, there was the panic. I was already struggling to balance my business and motherhood. How was I going to manage it all with a new baby? And what was going to happen to my secret dream of becoming a published writer? Where was I going to fit that in?

I soon found out something wonderful about writing: it fits, even when nothing else (including your clothes) will fit. On the days when I could barely haul myself out of bed, writing fit. When I was still in my pajamas at noon, writing fit. When my mind was racing at 3 AM because I couldn’t sleep; when I was spending way too much time in doctor’s office waiting rooms; when I was nursing a newborn, I could still fit a little writing in. With a pen, a notebook, or a laptop I could get to work as a writer, even on the days I couldn’t get to work in any other capacity.

So my greatest accomplishment this year (aside from the birth of my beautiful daughter) was writing every day. Even when clients got cancelled, the house didn’t get cleaned, or when I didn’t even get dressed, I wrote. And that’s something.

In 2009, my goals are to become a paid writer, to earn a small but loyal readership (besides my son, who thinks I’m the best writer in the world, bless his heart), and to continue to have that surge of energy each morning that impels me to wonder: What will I write today? Oh, and finding some more time in my schedule to write wouldn’t hurt. But I’m not too worried about that one — I know I’ll fit it in anywhere I can.

Jennifer is a mother of two, a pediatric occupational therapist, and an up-and-coming freelance writer. She specializes in smart ideas for teaching, encouraging, and inspiring children to write. Take a peek at her family’s adventures on the road to writing at

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