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December Sell-a-bration #13: I Grew In Words and Wisdom

By Mary Ann Ebner

To kick off my 2008 writing goals, in early January, I launched a blog. Now in its twelfth month, I’ve used the blog to push myself to write and connect. I followed up on the blog a few months later with the launch of my website (still primitive but on its way).

I completed two worthwhile online writing classes. Did they provide encouragement? Yes, but even better . . . the instructors offered valuable criticism and I listened.

Through frugal planning, I squeezed a writing conference into my schedule and budget. I attended the ASJA conference in April, and to keep costs down, sent out a request: Starving artist seeks sofa. My plea was answered. Sleeping on the futon of a friend of a friend turned a writing goal into a reality.

I grew in words and wisdom through my local weekly workshop with other writers in New York.

More clips (including a new national byline) landed in my published files and a key editor sent me one of my top rejection letters on record. (It’s in the save file.) Garnering the year’s sales and rejections required follow-up efforts and I improved but there’s room for growth.

Along the way, I completed a cross-country move with the kids and my husband trailed a month later. After putting the new office together, I’m back at my keyboard. And as this year comes to a close, I continue to meet established writers and new writers who want to find themselves sitting down with words. I hope we’re all warming our chairs and writing well in 2009.


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