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December Sell-a-bration #14: Writing While Raising Four Kids

By Lucia Anderson

I remember way back when in January, thinking about my writing goals and wondering if any of them would ever come to fruition. If you’d told me then that a story of mine would be published, I’d be writing every day, and I’d have written the makings of a novel, I’d have said you were crazy. But that’s exactly what has happened.

I started out by signing up for Christina’s WPSS class. It served as the inspiration I needed to launch, if you will, my writing career. For our last assignment, I wrote a short essay about an incident that occurred right after 9/11. Christina suggested I tighten up my story and consider submitting it. That’s exactly what I did and it was later published in Hip Mama magazine.

Then, in August, a few alumni from that same class formed a writing group which has also been a godsend as far as keeping up the motivation and accountability. We ‘check in’ and post our trials and tribulations as well as successes as a way to support each other.

I also started a blog,, in October, as yet another means of holding myself accountable, writing, and connecting with other bloggers out there. The blogosphere is chock full of readers and writers alike and certainly a great way I’ve found to stay current and inspired (highly addictive too, I might add).

Finally, during the month of November, I participated in NaNo and wrote out 33,000 plus words to my first novel. Not the 50,000 words I was aiming for, but an accomplishment nonetheless. It was thrilling if albeit exhausting to write so much in 30 days. I also joined a local writing organization for further inspiration and look forward to attending some of the meetings and conferences in the coming year.

All in all, 2008 has been about staying inspired and by far the best year of writing for me. I feel it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

If I can do it with four kids that keep me on my toes, anyone can! Here’s to 2009!


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