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In the spirit of the holidays, I’ve chosen TWO scholarship recipients again…

Writer Mama ScholarshipOnce again, I’ve decided to grant two scholarships today instead of just one (I did the same in October). For more reasons this time than those I gave then, to combat all the media doom and gloom and because two women impressed me enough that I wanted to. Also because times are tough and I want to offer as much support as I can. Besides, it’s the holidays!

And once again, I can’t promise the same for next time, but I will continue to at least give one scholarship each quarter.

Now, without further ado, and on my way to sign myself up for Over-givers Anonymous (see my post from yesterday on 2008 giving), the scholarship recipients are:

Melissa Lindberg


Erin Goodman

Hearty congratulations, ladies! I look forward to working with you in class in January. I will send you each a class confirmation shortly.

I wish I could grant a scholarship to everyone. Unfortunately, I’m not in a position to do that. Maybe some day. )

Thanks to EVERYONE who applied. I encourage you to apply again for the next WPSS class in March. Anything you can do to beef up the your traditional publication credits between now and the next application round is a good strategy.

Subscribe to The Writer Mama e-zine to stay abreast of when I’ll be accepting applications next time around.

And congratulations again, Melissa and Erin!


December Sell-a-bration #16: How To Be a Writer Mama When You Are Afraid of Failure

By Cinthya “Sugar” Jones


That’s how I find the best books. I walk around the aisles and wait for one to call out to me. That’s how I met Christina Katz — well, not exactly Christina, but her encouraging spirit – when I came upon a happy, little yellow book, Writer Mama. I saw the subtitle, How to Raise a Writing Career Alongside Your Kids. When I took a look inside, I could see that Christina wanted to help me write, not talk down to me or tell me all about her own successes. I took the book home, checked out her blog, and saw that I could take a class with her that would get me to do the things she laid out in the book.

Then I just felt sick.

For years, I talked about writing. I had read so many articles in the local paper thinking, “I can do that!” But I was so afraid. Still, I took the Writing & Publishing the Short Stuff class to get some how-to articles going and move forward on the road to getting published. With Christina’s prodding, I found that I had a lot to say.

In my past incarnations, I had recruited and interviewed people, I had organized and coordinated large scale events, and, of course, I had been raising kids for fifteen years. Not to mention, I was getting known in my circle as a budding family photographer. I had oodles of how-to articles to submit!

I just couldn’t get myself to write a query letter.

Old ghosts kept haunting me and my life was beginning to fall apart. Reading the blogs of the other writer mamas and their publication successes just made me feel like more of a failure. Then one day, I didn’t care… and I started to write. I found my voice through all of the misery of a separation, the sale of our home, and the strained relations with family. Eventually, I landed in a little village that had a community paper. Hmmm…

Looking back at this last year, the struggles that I went through were really more of me coming out of my cocoon. Not only have I been published several times in our paper (along with my photos), I have come to be known as the go-to gal for articles, copy writing, and photography. I’ve spoken at local women’s groups as well as covered several events for our paper. The blog that I began as a means of finding my voice has grown in loyal readership and was recently selected for a major giveaway. But more than any of that, I can now look in the mirror and say…

“You’re a writer, Mama!”

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