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December Sell-a-bration 20: 2008 Was About Connectivity

2008 has been a year of connections; namely, creating and maintaining connectivity as a writer.

I took Christina’s “Writing and Publishing the Short Stuff” online course last fall, fully intending to work on fashioning a freelance career. However, through connections at the Curves where I was a member, I was hired as a circuit coach. The hours were perfect: during the day while my girls were in school.

During the winter months that followed, I allowed the dead ends and rejections kill the momentum of the WPSS class. I did not allow my connection with Christina to wither away; on the contrary, I continued to read her blog and cheer her on through the publication of her second book. Connection through blogs remains a key component of connectivity for me.

I continued working at Curves, and occasionally blogging, through the early months of this year. Then I was asked to be a contributor on the Wives of Faith blog, as I had been following the writing of fellow military wife Sara Horn. Sara is an author and co-founder of a support group for wives of deployed Reserve and National Guard. Because my husband began his military career as a reservist, I found many ways to connect with Sara and also her blog’s readers. Now I continue as an occasional contributor and book reviewer on the Wives of Faith blog.

I serendipitously made a real-life connection this year as well, this time at the dance studio. I became friends with a fellow dance mom, an English teacher who, like me, has taken a teaching hiatus. She works part-time for the local National Writing Project affiliate. As a former member of another NWP affiliate, I had an instant connection with her—not only as a mom and a teacher, but as a teacher of writing and as a writer in my own right. She invited me to join their group at an in-town retreat this fall, and I immediately felt at home in that community of writers.

The latest in a long line of online connectivity resources is Twitter. Twitter is one of the most intriguing and fun concepts, and I “follow” several different writers on Twitter. Some of them, like Tricia Goyer, post all day long about what they’re doing. Others post regularly but less frequently.

I achieved a milestone this year as well: in my fifth attempt in as many years in National Novel Writing Month (, I finally accomplished the goal of a 50,000-word novel written during the 30 days of November. For someone who has trouble finishing goals, this one was a biggie. It is quite possibly the worst disjointed novel ever, but it is mine.

All in all, I’d have to say that 2008 was the year of connectivity for me. I hope that 2009 will bring with it more of the same, as well as increased writing output and perhaps even publication.


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