Sell-a-bration Day #27: Determination Is Paying Off

Julianne Hale

There is no question that Writer Mama played a role in my freelance writing success. I remember seeing the advertisement for the book in Writer’s Digest and thinking, I WILL own that book. I bought it shortly after it was published and began reading it. I took Christina’s advice seriously and ended up signing up for an online class that helped me immensely. As a result of my hard work and Christina’s teachings, 2008 has been a very prosperous year for me.

I got my first published (but not paid) job for a new regional parenting magazine in my area after sending an e-mail to the editor. That editor embraced my writing style and, early in 2008, gave my name to another local editor who was searching for someone to do some monthly calendar editing work for their publication. I got the job immediately and now have a steady assignment every month that is completely lacking in creativity but pays quite well and affords me the luxury of a steady paycheck. The publication that I work for is a franchise and I have recently been approached to perform the same service for other areas of the country that publish the same magazine.

I continue to write regularly for the parenting magazine and my work is compensated (yay!) and I also write regularly for two other regional publications and have increased my resume this year to include upwards of 30 articles with one cover story. One of the coolest assignments I got this year was a feature on the Riverbend Music Festival that takes place in Chattanooga every year. As a result, I got to interview a celebrity and I also got press passes to the festival—a very cool little bonus. I have made tons of connections in the Chattanooga area through working for all of these great publications and look forward to another great year in ’09.

Kudos to Writer Mama for recognizing our demographic and creating a manual for our success!


3 Responses to “Sell-a-bration Day #27: Determination Is Paying Off”

  1. 1 michellejbuss December 27, 2008 at 12:30 am

    Fabulous site, I am sure I will use it extensively during my own struggle to establish a freelance writing career.

  2. 2 Mary Jo C. December 29, 2008 at 9:24 am

    Julianne: What great accomplishments! And the word-of-mouth referrals are huge! The press passes for the music festival has to be the best, though. How exciting. Good luck in 09

  3. 3 Julianne December 29, 2008 at 11:38 am

    Thanks ladies and thank you Writer Mama for everything!

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