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December Sell-a-bration #28: Wrapping Up A Big Project First, Ultimately Made The Most Sense

By Krystyann Krywko

So many things to accomplish – so little time! Here I sit at the end of a crazy and crowded year and I wonder why I spent so much time trying to re-invent my writing – when the answer was lying right in front of me the entrie time!

My epiphany occurred in the midst of the Platform 102 class – the week where Christina asks everyone to take a long, deep look at their writing and map out the successes you envision for your writing future. While I greatly enjoyed the class and was full of all sorts of ideas for newsletters and blog posts – putting my thoughts down in black and white also made me painfully aware of the multiple writing lines I have left dangling and the need to reconcile some of them before I could move any further in bulding my platform.

What I really need to do right now is to finish my dissertation – that great big piece of writing that I have spent so much time and energy on, but one that sometimes becomes sidelined with my focus on querying magazines and writing personal essays.

I thought I could develop my freelance writing career, alongside writing my dissertation, alongside raising my two young children. Not to say that it isn’t possible, but I have had my priorities somewhat out of skew the past while. I need to focus on my dissertation first, period, the end! I have messed around with different schedules as to what days I would work on it, and what day I would work on my freelance stuff, but in reality the effort that I have put into querying and writing articles, has left me without a great deal of energy to pursue my dissertation research, and also left me with a very slow trickle of writing credits to my name.

So, I dedicate 2009 to the completion of my dissertation! It feels good to make this decision – I honestly cannot justify building a website/blog/newsletter at this time in my life – although I am excited to do them in the near future – I feel that I need to get rid of the big elephant in the room (my dissertation) and move on with my life.

I was recently approached by a publisher who is interested in my chosen topic and would love to work with me on publishing a book after I have completed my doctoral work. So, I ask you what is my problem? I am excited about my topic when I am immersed in it, I have just let too many distractions get in the way. I have a bad habit of jumping from point A to point Z without thinking about anything in between, and Christina has allowed me the time and space to realize that sometimes taking two steps backwards is the best way to move forward!

Here is to 2009 and the year of staying sanely focused!


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