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Is Your Next Best Book Idea Right In Front of You?

Mine was. You can read all about it in this WritersWeekly Success Story I wrote, which was published right before Christmas.

And if you live in the Portland, Oregon area, I’ll be offering a workshop on naming and claiming and ramping up to your next nonfiction book. I realized today, doink!, that I’d mis-posted this information for my upcoming January 10th live, six-hour intensive. So here it is, corrected:

Empowered Nonfiction Writer Boot Camp

If you are interested in cultivating your communication skills into  saleable articles, a book-worthy platform, and a contract-worthy book proposal, you’ll want to check out this six-hour workshop with two-time author, Christina Katz.

Come with an idea and leave with a  concrete plan as to how to expand your idea into a profitable writing career. Topics covered will include:

  • How to brainstrorm your best idea for these times

  • How to break in by writing short and tight

  • How and when to query for longer assignments

  • How to lay the groundwork for a solid platform that will grow with your career

  • How to prepare and get started on a saleable book proposal plan

Give me six hours and I’ll help you plan a successful writing career that will take root faster thanks to time-tested strategies and writing templates you’ll take home with you.

Avoid the common pitfalls and get your writing year off to an informed start. I look forward to helping you jump start your career!

Location: The Wilsonville Library

Date: January 10, 2009

Cost: $199.00 (lower price only for first-time session) for six hours

To register, visit


December Sell-a-bration #29: Culitvating Inner Calm Led To Bigger Strides Forward

By Gigi Rosenberg

This year it was the simple things that catapulted me forward as a writer. I learned to not check email first thing in the morning and to work on my most important writing project first – even if it was one without a due date. That meant that later in the day when I got to the stuff I had to do, I didn’t mind: I’d already had dessert.

I cleared off my desk and bulletin board of all clutter so that everything in front of me relates to what I’m writing right now. No dry-cleaning receipts or half-off pizza coupons.

At the end of every workday I organized myself for the next morning.  So when I arrived at my office I knew exactly where to start. This helped me not get stuck in any more existential anxiety than necessary.

I took frequent walks and stretch breaks which helped me write more. Many writing snags unsnarled while walking my dachshund.

This year, I learned to go at a turtle’s pace: a few things done everyday led to bigger things done.  When I got anxious, I didn’t focus on the big things, I focused on the next thing. I asked myself when I was stuck: What could you do right now that could move this forward? Sometimes the answer was to let it sit.

I listened to my thoughts. When they swirled in negativity, I labeled them. I paid attention to how they affected my mood. I didn’t try to stop my thoughts or micro-manage them but I noticed the power of naming them.

This year I got the usual good stuff done: teaching, writing for new publications, collaborating with other writers, etc. But the biggest thing I did this fall was to clear my schedule of anything extraneous and finish two big writing projects. I worked on them like a turtle. I even took naps. This calm and steady pace is what I’m bringing into 2009.

How boring I might have once thought. But this year, I knew better.

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