Dear Writer Mamas (January 2009 TWM e-Zine)

Welcome 2009! Are you ready to take action?

I hope you will join me in making this year our best writing year yet.

We wrapped up 2008 with a round-up of success stories over at the the Writer Mama Riffs blog that will help us gear up to overcome whatever obstacles we face. Thank you everyone who shared stories rich with great reflection and grounded inspiration. The result is inspiration times 29!

I hope, during 2009, you will go back to the December archive and re-read these stories whenever you feel like you need a dose of positive attitude! Steer clear of too much negative media about the industry unless it is paired with how to respond constructively or think creatively.

I am in the business of helping writers grow writing careers and I am not approaching this year any differently than I have in the past. I also plan to give even more than I’ve given before in 2009 (to see what I gave in 2008, click here).

This year, I am offering more classes that address the specific needs of writer mamas at the same low prices. I’ve invited only the best writing instructors whom I know and respect to join me, like Abby Green and Sage Cohen (and coming soon, Jen Applin will offer a class on writing for online markets).

Speaking of Abby Green, I have been really impressed with the success stories rolling in from recent students of Personal Essays that Get Published (Southern Living! The Sun! Seattle Woman!). You can catch them as they are posted over at the blog under success stories. If you’ve taken Abby’s class and shared your success story with us, please don’t forget to post it so you can inspire everyone!

Winter classes start this Wednesday, January 14th, and it’s not too late to register. To learn more, visit the new classes page (this location has changed from 2008 in case you need to alter a bookmark). If you have any questions, please contact Abby or Christina.

I’m also offering reduced-price career coaching to former students through the end of January. E-holler if you are would like to go over your writing goals for 2009 with me.

And last, but certainly NOT least, we have an amazing line-up of contributors for 2009. I hope you enjoy our timely topics and the informed and experienced perspectives of our 2009 columnists. I’m so thrilled to present our first 2009 issue. Special thanks to Sage Cohen our new managing editor. You can expect future issues to come into your inbox on the second Monday of each month with double issues in July/August and November/December. Thanks to all the contributors for your contributions and commitment.

Here’s to our mutual success!

Make good things happen,

Christina Katz

Publisher & Editor

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1 Response to “Dear Writer Mamas (January 2009 TWM e-Zine)”

  1. 1 Christine (PurpleCar) Cavalier January 18, 2009 at 9:18 am

    I just tweeted ( this quote:

    “Steer clear of too much negative media about the industry unless it is paired with how to respond constructively or think creatively.”

    Thanks so much for that. My 3 year old and my 8 year old keep me quite busy, and writing a novel feels impossible when time constraints are paired with overwhelming negativity about the publishing industry. Your wise words can be applied to almost ANY industry. People use negative talk to weed out the weak. From now on I’m going to believe that all of those doom-and-gloomers aren’t talking to ME.

    That really lifted my spirits and confirmed my suspicions that it IS possible to succeed despite all the hype. Thanks again! You are always so helpful.


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