Dear Writer Mamas, (February 2009)

[Should have posted this two days ago when I sent the e-zine out. Please forgive… 🙂 ]

Howzit going, mamas?

How are you feeling about your writing career in 2009 so far?

I’m doing pretty darn good. I’m writing this from my hotel room in Times Square in New York City where I am having a fabulous time attending the Tools of Change for Publishing Conference. So far, the conference has been terrific. You are invited to read more about it by following my posts in my Get Known blog or my tweets on Twitter. (I swore I’d never use the word “tweet” but there, I just did, and it didn’t even hurt.)

And I have more exciting news. In fact, I have a grand total of three announcements. Here they are:

First Fabulous Announcement: This is the week to apply for the Writer Mama Scholarship. You can copy the application from the Writer Mama Riffs blog to apply. See all the details here. Deadline is February 15th. Is this fabulous or what?

Second Fabulous Announcement: A brand new class called Writing for the Web will also start on March 11th. This class is taught by my former student Jennifer Applin. Jen has been very successful writing for online markets for the past couple years and if you have wanted to write for online markets wisely, then THIS is the class for you! And it gets even better. Jen is also granting one full scholarship for her class for those who feel like they can’t afford it (Please read all the info in this posts on applying for scholarships). If you are interested, read the class description here. Then read my interview with Jen about her experience writing for online markets here. And if you feel you can’t afford the class, try for the scholarship! You can get all the detail from Jen’s blog, Managing the Motherload.

Third Fabulous Announcement: Sage Cohen has been on hiatus from teaching in order to make space for the birth of her son, Theo. You can catch up on all that good news here. But now she’s back to teach her class, Poetry for the People. And guess what? We’re so scholarship-happy around here that Sage is also offering one free scholarship to a deserving poet. You can read all about Sage’s scholarship offer here. And next week, keep an eye on The Writer Mama Riffs blog because I’ll be posting an interview with Sage about her class, her forthcoming book, Writing the Life Poetic, and her new roles as mom and wife! (You can also read about these things in her column in this e-zine, “The Articulate Conception.”)

Note: You may only apply to ONE of the three scholarships being offered for the classes that begin March 11th. Apply to the scholarship for the class you most want to take. There will be more fabulous scholarships coming in the future!

Also Please Note: I kept the price of our fabulous classes low over the New Year to give a nod to the collapsing economy. But the economy will regroup and when it does, the prices for all classes will bump up to keep up with inflation. Therefore, if you want to get these classes while they are cheap, don’t wait! I can’t say when that price increase will happen. Could be September…we’ll see how it goes.

When do classes start? Wednesday, March 11th. It would be beautiful for us if all registrations could happen by March 4th!

What are all the classes being offered?

With Christina Katz:
Writing & Publishing the Short Stuff (Especially for moms)
Pitching Practice: Write Six Queries in Six Weeks
Platform 102: Grow Your Specialty Into An Online Platform
Writing for the Web with Jennifer Applin
Poetry for the People with Sage Cohen

Instructor Abigail Green will be taking a short hiatus from teaching for the birth of her second son (!!!). For all the updates, you can tune into her blog:

To learn more about classes with our highly qualified instructors, visit the new classes page (this location has changed from 2008 in case you need to alter a bookmark). If you have any questions, please contact Christina, Jennifer or Sage. (If you contact me this week, please cut me some response-time slack because I’m traveling. Thanks!)

So, mamas, what’s it going to be this month?

I hope you pick FABULOUS!

Make good things happen,

Christina Katz
Publisher & Editor

Giveaway alert: If you read all the way to the bottom of this e-zine, you will find a book giveaway you can enter. This month’s giveaway is The Writer’s Digest Guide to Query Letters by my good friend and writing mentor, Wendy Burt-Thomas.


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