And the winner of The Writer’s Digest Guide to Query Letters is…

The Writer's Digest Guide to Query Letters by Wendy Burt-ThomasMarian!

To learn more about author Wendy Burt-Thomas and The Writer’s Digest Guide to Query Letters, click here.

And all she had to do was subscribe to The Writer Mama e-zine and then forward it to three friends who might be interested in subscribing. Then she let me know and now she is a winner!

Great job, Marian. Not a bad way to get books!

And now I beg:

If you LOVE Writer Mama and you haven’t yet had a chance to get over to to post a review yet, would you mind posting your two cents before the end of this month?

Mother’s Day is coming and I have BIG PLANS to be revealed soon (likely by the end of the month) and I’d love to hear some fresh voices over at Amazon before I start feeding this blog into my author blog there. Thanks so much for your support!

I’ve got a great story of a non-mom, who fell in love with Writer Mama coming on Thursday.

Have YOU told everyone you know about Writer Mama?

Have you asked your local library district to order copies?

As always, I rely on your help and support. Thanks for spreading the word. 🙂


1 Response to “And the winner of The Writer’s Digest Guide to Query Letters is…”

  1. 1 Kelli February 21, 2009 at 10:33 am

    I’ve had query letters on the brain lately…now I just need to get them on paper. I need to get my hands on this book too. It would probably help to boost my confidence. I will hop on over to too and leave a great review of Writer Mama. I’ve been so inspired by your book and your website. I will definitely spread the word!

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