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The Writer Mama Two-Year Anniversary Blog Giveaway Begins March 1st

Win a copy of Writer Mama every day in March 2009!

A chance to win a copy of Writer Mama every day in March 2009!

Where’s the Writer Mama Giveaway going to be on March 1st?


Over at Sage Cohen’s Writing the Life Poetic blog!

Have you been there yet? Writing the Life Poetic blog is a resource and community space for poets and writers that offers information, inspiration, writing prompts, and an ongoing dialogue for readers of Writing the Life Poetic (coming March 23rd from Writer’s Digest Books!).

Check it out on Sunday and be sure to answer the question to participate in the first day of the giveaway! The winner will be posted in Sage’s blog on March 2nd. Be sure to check back and see who wins!

Hope to see you there!


The First Week of the Writer Mama Two-Year Anniversary Blog Tour Giveaway

Whew. You know when I come up with these great ideas, I don’t always think through the mechanics.

You know, the how-exactly-am-I-going-to-pull-THAT-off? part of the plan.

I just do stuff.

And most of the time it works out better than I could have imagined.

So, here we go in grand experiment number 2,010…The [Rough draft] Line-Up for Week One of The Writer Mama Two-Year Anniversary Blog Tour Giveaway:

Sunday, March 1st: Sage Cohen’s blog, Writing the Life Poetic

Monday, March 2nd: Erin Goodman’s blog, Exhale. Return to Center

Tuesday, March 3rd: Angela Giles Klocke’s blog, This Woman’s Beautiful Life

Wednesday, March 4th: Nathalie Hardy’s blog, Nathalie’s Notes

Thursday, March 5th: Jenni Crain’s blog, Write the Journey

Friday, March 6th: Donna McDine’s blog, Write What Inspires You!

Saturday, March 7th: Anne-Marie Nichols: A Mama’s Rant

I’m just waiting for the thumb’s up from numbers 2 – 7 and then we’re off. I’ll make the links live as I hear back. Stay tuned!

And tune in next week to see which blogs will be chosen next!

Two Great Writer Mama Quotes from The Writer Mama E-zine February 2009 Issue

“I used to put [my daughter] into the pushchair and walk her around Edinburgh, wait until she nodded off and then hurry to a cafe and write as fast as I could. It’s amazing how much you can get done when you know you have very limited time. I’ve probably never been as productive since, if you judge by words per hour.”

~J.K. Rowling

“Get the seat of your pants into the seat of your chair and make time to do the work. It will never be the perfect time and you will never have enough time to do everything. But do it, do it, do it!”

~ Karen Katz
This concludes the February archive of The Writer Mama e-zine. What did you think? How are we doing? Feel free to make a comment!
Many thanks to our fabulous managing editor, Sage Cohen and our seven columnists. The full scoop is right here.

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